Mar/14, 2021 Mt.Takao Fire-Walking Festival

Sightseeing information about Mar/14, 2021 Mt.Takao Fire-Walking Festival in Japan.

Mar/14, 2021 Mt.Takao Fire-Walking Festival3.9

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Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple is an old Buddhist temple located at the top of Mt. Takao, and holds "Fire Walking Festival" on the second Sunday of March each year. It attracts over 5,000 visitors in recent years.
The highlight of the festival is the monks walking barefoot through the fiery hot embers as they chant to pray for world peace, safety for one's family, and protection from any accidents. The flames are considered to purify people by burning all defilement away.
Visitors can also participate in the fire-walking at the end of the ritual.
Special Bon talisman(500 yen) and Fire-Walking memorial wooden necklace(300 yen) are sold on this day.
Add: Yakuo-in Temple
Date : March 14, 2021 13:00~
Access : a 5-min walk from Takaosan-guchi Station on Keio Line

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4.05 months ago

Not so beautiful for the view, but the temple is beautiful.
Nice place for people who want to hiking.

5.04 months ago

Yakuou-in is beautiful right now with all of the changing leaves. There’s a lot to explore and this is on the route from the cable car to the peak of Takaosan.

5.04 months ago

Great place to relax after romantic hike in T. Takao. Both onsen and savona are extremely clean and nice

5.03 weeks ago

It is near the takaosan cable car station. Just after the octopus ceddar tree. They said this temple is so old. It is the japan heritage. It is a sacred and holy place for Japanese. I am afraid behaving impolite by taking picture. You can continue your walk to the Takao summit via upstair in the temple, just go ahead, there is a gate to go there.

3.04 months ago

I really reccomend you if you don't like to walk much and to people who would like to visit japanese temples. This temple lies on the way to Mt.Takao summit. You can buy souviners and lucky charms from the shops. Small Food stalls,restaurants, Vending machine are available on the way. Toilets are available in 3 places if i'm not wrong. I recently visited Mt.Takao on November 16. It was really crowd because it's a top hiking destination for tourist and local people. This is the nearest hiking spot from Tokyo, I believe. However, if you are a person who like to walk more than 2hrs then this is not for you. Mt. Takao is a really short hike.