On 10/Mar. Fire-Waiking Fesival at Mt Takao

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On 10/Mar. Fire-Waiking Fesival at Mt Takao4.5

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 from 3/10 '19 to 3/10 '19


On 10/Mar. Fire-Walking at Mt Takao
As a part of training, Yamabushi (warrior priests) walk on fire with aim to ward off disasters. At Yakuo-in, the Buddhist temple on Mount Takao, the fire-walking will be shown to public at 1pm on Sunday,10th March this year.
You may not only watch but also join the walking ! 
Mount Takao is in Hachioji City, Tokyo. Unless you dare walk up, cable car or lift is recommended.
Viewing is free, Participation in fire-walking costs 300 yen pp (no prior arrangements necessary)

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Airport/Sta.Takaosanguchi sta. (about 1.9km) Google Transit


4.03 weeks ago

Id love to give it a perfect 5, but dang those stairs. There's about 500 steps. You can pretty much gamble here.

4.0a month ago

It's a temple about 3/4 of the way to the top of Mt Takao. We were there during Golden Week along with apparently most of the residents of Tokyo, so it was very busy. Quite a lot of buildings and food vendors around – a lot more than you'd expect at the top of a “mountain”. But nice to stop for a break during the ascent.

4.03 weeks ago

There are not many thing to say about this. if you have a religion, come and enjoys it yourselt. In case that you have not, also just come to see and learn something new. Since the life is a endless travel.

4.0a month ago

The walk up was relatively easy, the path is mostly paved unless you take a less walked path. Spring and fall are very popular here.

5.02 months ago

This is found on the trails in Mount Takao after the cable car station. Using the stairs, although it's quite a climb gives you the best view and the experience here. Optionally you can take the longer route and avoid the stairs.