On 11/Mar. Fire-Walking at Mt Takao

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On 11/Mar. Fire-Walking at Mt Takao4.5

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 from 3/11 '18 to 3/11 '18


On 11/Mar. Fire-Walking at Mt Takao
As a part of training, Yamabushi (warrior priests) walk on fire with aim to ward off disasters. At Yakuo-in, the Buddhist temple on Mount Takao, the fire-walking will be shown to public at 1pm on Sunday,12th March this year.
You may not only watch but also join the walking ! 
Mount Takao is in Hachioji City, Tokyo. Unless you dare walk up, cable car or lift is recommended.
Viewing is free, Participation in fire-walking costs 300 yen pp (no prior arrangements necessary)

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5.0a month ago

Incredible place. Loved it... go early to see without crowds.

5.08 months ago

Perched on the top of Mt Takao, Yakuoin is steeped in history with more points of interest than most temples. Tengu statues - both daitengu or long nosed goblin and the original beaked tengu. The temple itself is colourful and ornate with dragon and other animal motifs. Shrine with geta, Japanese wooden shoes. Choice of amulets on sale.

Popular spot for "hatsumode" first prayers of the new year. Spectacular views including Mt Fuji view. Particularly popular during Autumn leaves season. Cherry blossom season also busy.

5.02 weeks ago

Excellent one day trip....

4.0a month ago

Very beautiful scenery and quiet place|

5.04 months ago

I loved this place!