On 11/Mar. Fire-Walking at Mt Takao

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On 11/Mar. Fire-Walking at Mt Takao4.5

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On 11/Mar. Fire-Walking at Mt Takao
As a part of training, Yamabushi (warrior priests) walk on fire with aim to ward off disasters. At Yakuo-in, the Buddhist temple on Mount Takao, the fire-walking will be shown to public at 1pm on Sunday,12th March this year.
You may not only watch but also join the walking ! 
Mount Takao is in Hachioji City, Tokyo. Unless you dare walk up, cable car or lift is recommended.
Viewing is free, Participation in fire-walking costs 300 yen pp (no prior arrangements necessary)

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5.0a week ago

We had our first shrine visit of 2019 in this temple. There were so many people but it seems that was to be expected. There were policemen and other people there to organize the long lines for the first day of the year. People camp out as early as midnight to get a good spot to watch the first sunrise as well.

5.0a month ago

This is a great place for a day trip and the evening drums and prayers at sunset (only over loudspeaker) add to the ambience of a real temple. The scenery is stunning and on a clear day you can see Mt Fuji from the summit.

5.02 months ago

It’s a temple that you will pass by if you are heading to the top of takaosan.
Quite interesting and you can ask for your fortune, also do a few things to purify your soul !

Make sure to stop by and relax yourself here !

5.02 weeks ago

Very beautiful site. So much to see.

5.0in the last week

Unique temple with many bird-people statues