Rikugien-Shidarezakura Daimyo Garden Light-up

Sightseeing information about Rikugien-Shidarezakura Daimyo Garden Light-up in Japan.

Rikugien-Shidarezakura (Weeping sakura) Daimyo Garden Light-up3.7

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 from 3/21 '19 to 4/3 '19


Sumida Park which locates across Taito Ward and Sumida Ward spreading across Sumidagawa River is a place famous for cherry blossoms which continues from the Edo period.
A beautiful cherry blossom tunnel following the Right Bank (Taito Ward side) and Left Bank (Sumida Ward side): Sumida Park extends from Azumabashi to Sakurabashi via Kototoibashi and spreads along both Sumidagawa river banks.
If you sit occasionally and take a light break while strolling through the cherry blossoms tunnel, Taito Ward side is recommended.
If you would like to cherish the cherry blossom viewing to the max with a leisure seat under the cherry tree, Sumida Ward side is recommended.
The cherry blossom festival at Sumida Park will be held on the Taito Ward side and Sumida Ward side respectively. It is a lot of fun with various events such as teahouses, various stalls, flea markets, dancing and Japanese drums.

Sakura Festival held on Taito Ward side: March 20th - April 8th, 2018.
When the cherry blossoms bloom about 1km along the Sumida River, you can enjoy the scenery collaboration with the Tokyo Sky Tree, as well as enjoy on Yakata boat and water bus with cherry blossom trees on both sides along the Sumida River. In the evening, the cherry blossoms in the garden are lighted up and the fantastic landscape of cherry blossoms spreads at night. Geisha tea houses and stalls are opened, Japanese drum performances, various entertainment performances, flea markets etc. are held. Food stalls will also be opened centering on eating and drinking systems.

39th Bokutei Sakura Festival: 2018 March 17th - April 10, Mukojima 1 Sumida ku Tokyo
In Sumida Park on Sumida Ward side there are 343 cherry trees of 44 species, including Yoshino cherry tree, Yamazakura, Oshima cherry tree, etc. line up.
At the festival, there are lively and fun events such as lion dancing, monkeyclimbing, belly dancing, Japanese drums, street performers, mochi-making and so on. Mukojima geisha tea houses and stalls are opened, and it is crowded with special products, souvenir shops, lobbying corner etc.
Food stalls are mainly based on food stalls, but lunch boxes, drinks and hot snacks are also sold from standard festival stalls.
During the period from March 21st (Wednesday) to April 10th (Tuesday), cherry blossoms are lit up at night and lantern lanterns are lit and fantastic cherry blossoms emerge in the dark night and contemporary Tokyo Sky You can enjoy comparing the light up of the tree.
In addition, events will be held at the Sakurabashi event space on March 31st (Saturday), April 1st (Sunday), April 7st (Saturday), April 8th (Sunday).

PurposeSeasonal Flowers,cherry blossom viewing,art,sightseeing
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5.02 months ago

MUST SEE! This garden is amazing. Super beautiful and peaceful. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to just walk around and enjoy the scenery. Get some green tea at one of the tea shops in the garden.

5.02 months ago

Absolutely must take your time to visit. Incredibly beautiful. Allow for 1 hour or more to walk around, and maybe enjoy some green tea at the cafe overlooking the central pond.

4.0a month ago

Nice small, but beautiful park, with a great view from the hill. Several pads give different views on the park and its semi islands. Very relaxing, you feel like in a zen bubble.

5.03 months ago

Came here for sakura night viewing. The heavens opened up against the night sky. We took refuge under a hut in the gardens constructed next to a stream. With nowhere to go, the patter of the raindrops with the bubbling flow of water created instant zen.

Other than this chance encounter, Rikugien offers amazing night Sakura. The single tree by the entrance is almost worth the price of admission by itself but Rikugien offers much more than just that. A simply amazing experience.

5.04 months ago

Very beautiful park. Trees, architecture and flowers are wonderful. My preference around Komagome. The rhododendron ‘mountain’ is spectacular. Forest ambiance guaranteed.