Nov/16, 2019 - Mar/31, 2020 Capybara Onsen in Saitama

Sightseeing information about Nov/16, 2019 - Mar/31, 2020 Capybara Onsen in Saitama in Japan.

Nov/16, 2019 - Mar/31, 2020 Capybara Onsen (Hot Springs) in Saitama3.2

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 from 11/16 '19 to 3/31 '20


"Saitama Children's Zoo" in Saitama Prefecture, in addition to a "zoo" where you can enjoy horseback riding and feeding experiences, this is a park full of facilities where parents and children can play all day, such as "Minna no Hiroba (everyone's square)" with athletics and jyabu-jyabu pond.

Capybara is the largest in rats and grows to about 60 kg becoming an adult.
They are good at swimming, and escape into the water as soon as they feel danger. "Capybara Onsen" in winter is popular in this garden.
Until March 31st, "Footbath (Ashiyu) experience (paid)" is enforced where you can see capybara closely while soaking in.
Relax with footbath while feeling close to Capybara. Let's get cozy together with Capybara.

1 Duration
November 16th, 2019 (Saturday) to late-March, 2020

2 Hours
From 14:00 to 16:15
Admission Time 9:00〜16:30

3 Venue
Capybara - Wallaby Square
Address : 554 Iwado, Higashi-Matsuyama City, Saitama

4 Contents
In the pasture area there is a rock bath, where you can observe the capybara soaking in the bath looking cozy. We also use hot water heated by solar energy.

5 Main Events
(1) Foot Bath experience
Contents: You can enter the pasture area where usually visitors are prohibited, and you can watch capybara in front of your eyes while warming at the foot bath.
Dates : Fri, Sat, Sun
Time: 14:30 to 15:30 (Experience time is about 15 minutes) Ticket sales start at 14:15 at the entrance of Capybara - Wallaby Square
Number of sales: Limited 12 per day
Price: 500 yen, footbath hot spring certificate and special towel included

Entrance Fee
Adult (high school students and older) 520 yen (group 420 yen)
Child (elementary and junior high school student) 210 yen (group 170 yen)

About 30 minutes on foot, from Tobu Tojo Line Takasaka Station
From Tobu Tojo Line Takasaka Station, take the bus to Hatoyama New Town (Adult 190 yen (cash fare): about 5 minutes), and get off at "Kodomo Dobutsu Shizen Koen (Saitama Children's Zoo)" bus stop.

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5.06 months ago

It was so much fun and i like to be again.

4.0a year ago

It's got a great patting area and the milking cows and penguin area are great too, so is the playground. There is a ride around the park which was short but nice. The grounds are quite big signage could be better. There weren't that many animals or perhaps I lost time finding my way around. Nonetheless my daughter and I loved it! Admission was very cheap too, preschoolers free.

5.0a year ago

It's so much fun! Before going there, I was expecting it to be pretty small and to get around in about 2 hours at a stretch but it's huge. You could just enjoying walking around the place but there are loads of things to do. The admission price is cheap (seemingly too cheap - I thought I had heard the wrong price) and the animals seem happy and well looked after. As well as the animals there are other things to do like the adventure playground, shops and some really good food vans as well (see photo). I am going to recommend it to everyone!

4.0a year ago

Large zoo which is great for kids as the name suggests. In addition to the animals there is also play equipment and a wading pool. Quite large so be prepared for some walking.

4.010 months ago

Smaller animals so very enjoyable for younger children.