Sunshine Aquarium - Deep Sea Creatures Show

Sightseeing information about Sunshine Aquarium - Deep Sea Creatures Show in Japan.

Sunshine Aquarium - Deep Sea Creatures Show3.9

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 from 1/13 '18 to 3/11 '18


Deep Sea Creatures Show

Come and see deep sea creatures that are otherwise far beyond the reach.
Sunshine Aquarium, Sunshine City, Ikebukuro show creatures from several hundreds meters depth. Some can be touched with your hands (extra fee needed). Deep sea related foods and goods are also available. The event is on till 11th March, 2018.

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4.02 weeks ago

The aquarium was fab. Surprisingly large and well thought out habitats for the animals considering it is based in a shopping centre. Good variation of wildlife and I definitely the joint ticket with the observatory.

However, I do not recommend the special exhibition with the other animals as aside from the fact the it was small and you basically had to queue to see all the animals, their enclosures were small and basic. I know it's only temporary but still made me sad.

4.0a month ago

I visited late January and the crowd wasn’t too harsh to bear. They had a lot of sea life which was interesting to see in the middle of the city. The seal show they put on (during different times of the day) was quite entertaining though with an english interpreter it would’ve certainly been better on us international visitors.

I spent approximately 1.5 hours at this place and it was certainly enough time to get around and learn about all the various species they had. My favorite encounters would definitely be the penguins and the pelicans (which were placed in the outside area of the aquarium).

4.02 months ago

Visited in January 2019. A must-visit aquarium in Tokyo. Fish collections were massive and interesting. I once watched a worker in turtle tank and another worker in a big tank, suggesting meticulous cleaning were done for each possible tanks. Souvenir shop is nearby the second floor and provided many small stuffs the kids may love. I didn’t come to open aquarium section since there were many tours already running and people were too crowd over there.

5.0a month ago

I enjoyed visiting this place even if it's not so big! So cute penguins and seals swim over you so you can see their bellies :3
Amazing jelly fishes makes you stare at them forever!
Also it smells so good inside as a bonus😅

5.0a month ago

This was a great aquarium. It is a pretty comparable price to other aquariums honestly. Especially if you but your tickets online ahead of time. If you're near Ikebukuro and have the time, then I would definitely tell you to give this place a try.