Sunshine Aquarium - Deep Sea Creatures Show

Sightseeing information about Sunshine Aquarium - Deep Sea Creatures Show in Japan.

Sunshine Aquarium - Deep Sea Creatures Show3.9

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 from 1/13 '18 to 3/11 '18


Deep Sea Creatures Show

Come and see deep sea creatures that are otherwise far beyond the reach.
Sunshine Aquarium, Sunshine City, Ikebukuro show creatures from several hundreds meters depth. Some can be touched with your hands (extra fee needed). Deep sea related foods and goods are also available. The event is on till 11th March, 2018.

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5.0a month ago

The sunshine aquarium was BEAUTIFUL! I love that it was on a roof and the seals and penguin exhibits were awesome. The variety of sea life they have was really nice and their shop is full of cute goodies to take home. I also really enjoyed all the Halloween decorations they had. Overall it was a great time and I would love to return.

4.0a month ago

It's a great aquarium in a very unique location. They have a new penguin exhibit that looks like the penguins are flying. The temporary exhibition was a bit sad because it was mostly bugs (I'm not a fan) and there was a very lonely owl. (it looked so sad and broke my heart a bit) I saw the feeding show in the big tank and it was really fun to watch. The whole place was in Halloween theme which I did appreciate.

3.0a month ago

The size of aquarium is not so big. And “flying penguins” is such a small area. I’m surprised that they are trying to advertise it as one of their main displays. But overall, it is a nice place to visit.

5.02 weeks ago

Great place to spend 1-3 hours looking and learning about marine life. Periodic live shows at the end are fantastic

4.0a month ago

Very nice and interesting display of sea life, worth to go and see, however be prepared for lack of culture and good manners from Japanese people visiting that place.

Children screaming and patterns don't carrying, parents using flashlight, knocking on the window scarring the fish, parents putting and allowing children to walk with dirty shoes on the windowsill where normally you put your camera to make good picture and in many cases you hear from grownups " how tasty this fish / crab is" instead how beautiful it is, this things destroy the magical experience of aquarium for me!