To 23/Apr. Projection mapping – Tokyo Tower

Sightseeing information about To 23/Apr. Projection mapping – Tokyo Tower in Japan.

To 23/Apr. Projection mapping – Tokyo Tower 3.5

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 from 2/20 '18 to 5/6 '18


New series of projection mapping TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA are
on till 23rd April at 2nd floor of Main Observatory, Tokyo Tower. Enjoy the fusion of breathtaking night views and super-tech projection mapping.
The theme this time is FUTURE TOKYO TOWER with new introduction of experienced-based contents featuring future of Tokyo and future of observatory.
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Purposesurreal&cool,experience,night view,art,sightseeing,let's hang out!
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5.0a week ago

This was a fantastic place to visit. The staff is welcoming and helpful. Prices are surprisingly reasonable for both the tour and the restaurants. Great variety of options in the gift shops. Guides spoke enough English that we could manage fine without knowing Japanese. Great history lesson on the audio tour.

5.03 weeks ago

A must visit place in Tokyo. This tower is one of the identity of Tokyo. It has two decks, upper and lower. We went all the way to the top deck. The views from the top was just amazing and we literary felt on the top of the world. First deck also gives great views but the top is the best. The staff were very helpful and facilities are great. The restaurant on the first deck is a great place to have some memorable time at this iconic place. The souvenir shop is also very good. Overall a must visit place in Tokyo.

5.0a month ago

From check-n to check out, it was clear the staff was dedicated to being as accommodating as possible. The hotel was perfectly clean, and the cleaning staff for our room was great. The concierge was very helpful, and we could exchange our dollars for yen in the lobby. On American standards, I would not call it spacious, but we had an adequate amount of room. If spacious on an American standard is important, I would recommend the premium room with 33% more space. If I ever need a room in downtown Tokyo again, I would stay at the Park again, with the premium upgrade. It was an excellent hotel experience.

5.0a month ago

The iconic place for Tokyo and if you have the chance this would be go to place for how popular it is as a landmark for Japan. It has two decks to tour which is the lower and higher deck. I went up to the lower deck twice and it is already high enough to get a 360 degrees view of the entire Tokyo. If you are lucky you might see mount Fuji on a clear day but unfortunately for me it has always been cloudy and misty for both of my visits. The tickets are not too expensive with 900 yen for the lower observation deck entrance and you could purchase a package price to visit both decks. There is a nice cafe up on the observation deck so it is a nice romantic spot to sip coffee while watching the sun set. Also on the lower observation deck is a souvenir shop to purchase all Tokyo tower merchandise. All the way down at the base of the tower are also a few more souvenir shops to purchase food souvenirs and more little Tokyo tower souvenirs. Tokyo banana is also sold here. It would be nice to enter the tower deck around late noon and linger around until sunset and night time as the experience is different during the day and night.

4.03 weeks ago

The lower level observatory is affordable and a good way to see the expansive size of Tokyo. I didn't go to the top one but in general, I think the weather plays a huge factor on the quality of the view. It gets very busy so be prepared to queue to go up and wait for the right photo opportunity. If you go to the power observatory deck and able, I'd suggest walking down instead of waiting for the life on the way down. It's quite an interesting view of the Tokyo Tower structure and city.