Edo Nagashibina

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Edo Nagashibina3.5

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 from 3/2 '19 to 3/2 '19


Do you know why we send off dolls in the river ?
Nagashibina is a traditional event where paper dolls are placed on the running river with hope the dolls take evils and uncleanness from us (kids in particular) and carry away.
Nagashibina is said to be origin of HIna-matsuri, or Dolls Festival celebrated on 3rd March. Edo Nagashi-bina festival starts noon Sunday, 26th February at Sumida Park near Asakusa station (Tokyo Metro`s Ginza line or Tobu`s Skytree line)
For details http://www1a.biglobe.ne.jp/hina-ko/index.html

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