early Apr Sakura along Meguro River

Sightseeing information about early Apr Sakura along Meguro River in Japan.

early Apr Sakura along Meguro River4.4

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 from 3/28 '18 to 4/15 '18


Meguro River is one of most popular sakura viewing places in Tokyo.
The sakura trees in arch shape extend for some 4 kilometers (Ohashi to Shimomeguro,Meguro-ku) along the river.
In some sections, the sakura trees are lit up.

There are some sakura related events;
*Nakameguro Sakura Festival 2nd April (Sun)
 Goryuten Asobipa Playpark
one min from Nakameguro sta. of Tokyo Metro’s Hibiya Line or of Tokyu’s Toyoko Line.

*Meguro East Sakura Festival 1st and 2nd April
Dendo Hiroba park
9 min from Meouro sta. of JR Yamanote Line.

Many enjoy shopping at unique shops on Meguro riverside, too.

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5.0a month ago

The Meguro River (目黑川) is well known for it's sakura scene. People can get to this splendid attraction easily through taking the subway to the Naka-Meguro station. I visited here when I had a travel in sakura season (about in early April). When I got here, I met the after-work-time and there were many staffs came here for the night view and the night snack. Everyone looked happy and looked like forgetting the hard work because of the beautiful sakura.

The best picture shooting spot is on many bridges crossing the Meguro River. You can see beautiful pink sakura trees lying on the both sides of the river. The pink branch extends across the river to produce an astonish tent for the river and the people. In the evening, the street lamps will turn on and also turn this pink tent into a shining, splendid world.

4.03 months ago

Nice stroll by river
Cherry blossoms missing here
Minus 1 star now

4.03 months ago

I did not go to Tokyo during Cherry Blossom season (sorry, but read the rest of this review!) and would still say this area is worth seeing. It's beautiful, it's serene, it's a totally different vibe from busy Shibuya nearby. I enjoyed walking along the river and looking at the beautiful trees. There are many hip and artsy shops along the way. It's also cool to walk from Naka-meguro to nearby Ebisu (about 15-20 mins walk) and see the more upscale residential side of Tokyo. Worth a visit especially if you're in Tokyo for a longer period of time.

5.07 months ago

Incredible experience, day or night. During cherry blossom time, you cannot miss out on this amazing place. It draws a big crowd, but it’s worth it.

5.04 months ago

Awesome place to stroll around with cute shops. Close to Daikanyama and Ebisu.