Ueno Toshogu Shrine Winter Peony

Sightseeing information about Ueno Toshogu Shrine Winter Peony in Japan.

Ueno Toshogu Shrine Winter Peony3.3

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 from 1/1 '19 to 2/24 '19


Peony flowers have flowers blooming in winter and spring.
Because flowers fall by the weight of the snow, peony flowers which blooms in winter will fall, so we will create an enclosure to guard and protect the flowers.
Winter peony which is vulnerable to changes in the environment and does not readily bloom was regarded as good luck if it blooms neatly and has been treasured.
It is said that the peony grown with boosting technology of gardening is called "Hyakka no Oh (百花の王: the King of all Flowers)".
You can enjoy the pretty and gorgeous flowers in the historical premises.

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5.02 weeks ago

A beautiful temple in Ueno park.
It was closed several years for renovations but it has reopened and it looks absolutely impressive. There is a small garden next to it which is ok but not entirely worth visiting. You can buy a discount ticket that includes both the garden and temple.
At the temple entrance don't miss the Hiroshima flame, which is supposed to be burning sine the bombing in WW2.
Looks of good photo locations.

5.02 weeks ago

Beautiful shrine and approaching grounds. Another gem among this wonderful park. The goshuin written by the priestess is definitely a treasure. Thank you to the kind and knowledgeable staff. I recommend a visit.

3.02 weeks ago

pretty nice small shrine. after visiting the museum nearby, I found this by accident. It is nice walk around.

5.03 weeks ago

Even though the inside of the temple is closed to visitors, the exterior is so elaborate and interesting that it is more than worth the visit

3.06 months ago

Bare, windswept, and cold when we visited on Christmas Eve. Most likely nicer on a summer day with more greenery and atmosphere, or in the late evening when the lanterns are lit. The gold leaf is worth a photo or two but you'll need to pay to enter the grounds. It's really only worth visiting if you're in the area or around Ueno pond/zoo. Has a small pagoda, some stone lanterns, and quite a few small outbuildings.