Ueno Toshogu Shrine Winter Peony 2017

Sightseeing information about Ueno Toshogu Shrine Winter Peony 2017 in Japan.

Ueno Toshogu Shrine Winter Peony 20173.3

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 from 1/1 '17 to 2/28 '17


Peony flowers have flowers blooming in winter and spring.
Because flowers fall by the weight of the snow, peony flowers which blooms in winter will fall, so we will create an enclosure to guard and protect the flowers.
Winter peony which is vulnerable to changes in the environment and does not readily bloom was regarded as good luck if it blooms neatly and has been treasured.
It is said that the peony grown with boosting technology of gardening is called "Hyakka no Oh (百花の王: the King of all Flowers)".
You can enjoy the pretty and gorgeous flowers in the historical premises.

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