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Dojinshi and Cosplay3.3

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 from 3/31 '19 to 3/31 '19


Haru Comic City 22 is less than one month away !
A large scale, all category Dojinshi (self-published/fan-published works) sales, and cosplaying at Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake on 22nd March.

Tickets are necessary, and can be bought in advance at some bookstores.

Purposeeasily accessible,geek,surreal&cool,women,sightseeing,major
Airport/Sta.Naka Futo sta. (about 500m) Google Transit


4.03 months ago

This is a very modern exhibition and event space. I guess your experience will depend on the event or conference you’re attending. I visited for the Osaka marathon Expo 2018, and had no problems finding where to go, where the lavatories were, and how to return back to the nearby metro - which is around a 10-15 minute walk away.
Everything was clearly signed along the way and besides there are always mapping apps to consult and rely upon. The event space itself - from the outside - is in a way quite charming. Architecturally it’s neither groundbreaking nor classical, but rather neat with clean lines, and the use of lots of glass. Let’s be honest, exhibition spaces are generally hangars.

4.0in the last week

Grear experience! Very efficiently run. Too bad there is no Wi-Fi!! That would be very helpful to the booths.

4.0a month ago

Come here for exhibition. Nothing really special about this place. Easy to get to by metro.

5.05 months ago

Good exhibition center in Osaka. Large area with full facility, rest room, canteens. However on rush hour, it is quite long queuing stand. Unfortunately typhoon cause the number of exhibitors too less on my visiting.

3.010 months ago

Very expansive expo area, with several good sized exhibition halls.
The place looks rather dated internally now, and in serious need of a good clean.
Notably, the air was incredibly dusty. While walking around through the halls I was incredibly glad that I had brought a bottle of water. It was so dusty that I was drinking water very regularly, sipping every couple of minutes. Even a couple of hours after leaving my nose and throat were still feeling strange and very ticklish.
The exhibition toilets need a good cleaning and modernizing too.
That said the exihibitions here draw large crowds and tend to be well organized, and showcase some things that are well worth coming here for. For those that need them there are some very convenient coin lockers where you can put heavy bags while you enjoy the exhibition you have come for.

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