21/Mar to 7/Apr Sakura Festival, Sumida Park

Sightseeing information about 21/Mar to 7/Apr Sakura Festival, Sumida Park in Japan.

21/Mar to 7/Apr Sakura Festival, Sumida Park3.6

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 from 3/21 '19 to 4/7 '19


Sumida park has been popular with about 700 Sakura(cherry blossom) trees viewing since Edo period.
This park lies on both side(Taitou-ku and Sumida-ku) of Sumida river.

Mar/21/2019-Apr/7/2019: Sakura Festival on Taitou-ku(Asakusa) side
You can enjoy the veiw of long row of Sakura trees over 1km along Sumida River, and also the view of Tokyo Skytree with Sakura trees. At night the view changes into a fantasy with the tress lit up. Food stands, Wadaiko(Japanese drum)-shows, and free market would be much fun.

Mar/16/2019-Apr/10/2019: Sakura Festival on Sumida-ku side
There are 44 kinds of Sakura Trees. Food stands, and markets are in the park and Japanese traditional shows would be held.
Sakura trees are lit up at night after Mar/21.

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2.04 weeks ago

Outside of the cherry blossom season, it's just another park in Japan. Lots of green and nice walking paths, but a bit too quiet somehow. It does not worth a visit, if there is no cherry blossom. Unless you are looking for a nice place to picnic with river view. The city has much more interesting to do.

3.0a month ago

There's a nice spot during the cherry blossom bloom where you can go up a little Hill and be surrounded by the blossoms. But it's quite small and there was some development going on when I went in April 2019. Worth a quick look while checking out Sumida river which is very beautiful and it's close to the Skytree also.

4.0a week ago

It’s a quiet and nice park. You can walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking along the Sumida riverside. It’s a perfect place to relax.

4.0a month ago

Tokyo has plenty of beautiful parks where you can take a walk down the river side and enjoy the beautiful scenery, particularly during cherry blossom season! Sumida park is the perfect place to sit, enjoy the views and enjoy local eats. It is also really close to the Tokyo SkyTree, go here before or after your visit.

5.02 months ago

Among one of the most beautiful parks in Tokyo this time of year ( Sakura blossoms are blooming). Also not particularly crowded and is a tranquil and all-around beautiful place.

Should you be around during spring the street vendors food is excellent as well.

Good luck in Japan!