late-March to early-April, 2020  Sakura Festival in Sumida Park

Sightseeing information about late-March to early-April, 2020  Sakura Festival in Sumida Park in Japan.

late-March to early-April, 2020  Sakura Festival in Sumida Park3.6

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 from 3/20 '20 to 4/5 '20


※Sakura Festival in 2020 is cancelled due to the coronavirus fears. Sakura Night Illumination will be held as scheduled.
Sakura Night Illumination : late-March to early-April, 2020 18:30~21:00


Sumida park has been popular with about 700 Sakura(cherry blossom) trees viewing since Edo period.
This park lies on both side(Taitou-ku and Sumida-ku) of Sumida river.

Sakura Festival on Taitou-ku(Asakusa) side
You can enjoy the veiw of long row of Sakura trees over 1km along Sumida River, and also the view of Tokyo Skytree with Sakura trees. At night the view changes into a fantasy with the tress lit up. Food stands, Wadaiko(Japanese drum)-shows, and free market would be much fun.

Sakura Festival on Sumida-ku side
There are 44 kinds of Sakura Trees. Food stands, and markets are in the park and Japanese traditional shows would be held.
Sakura trees are lit up at night after Mar/21.

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5.02 weeks ago

Very nice park on the riverside. It unfolds it's beauty during cherry blossom but is also a really nice place to hang out before/after the sakura season. Some nice Cafés, lots of space for pedastrians and bicycles and a really nice, clean and big playground for kids of different ages. We had a really nice afternoon there!

4.0a month ago

Beautiful little park to see and relax at. Was a short walk from our hotel and close to the Asahi HQ.

5.02 weeks ago

A great place to see Skytree Tower and Sakura

5.03 weeks ago

Cute and small park with nice places to sit and a temple to walk around

5.0a month ago

The 300 year old pine remindes me of the good old days.