Exhibition:ukiyo-e artist, Kyōsai Kawanabe

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Exhibition:ukiyo-e artist, Kyōsai Kawanabe3.4

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 from 2/6 '19 to 3/31 '19


This ukiyo-e exhibition features the work of the world renowned pupil of Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Kyōsai Kawanabe, who was active into the Meiji era.

Kyōsai was an artist whose work abounds with the humor typical of a disciple of Kuniyoshi, yet also possesses the characteristic proficiency of the Kanō school.

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5.0in the last week

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5.02 months ago

It’s a high end shopping mall. Majority of goods are fashion. It’s very clean, spacious, easy to walk around. Of course there are coffee shop, restaurants and eating places. It’s also close to subway station that connects to other local attractions. Highly recommended to go there. I love it.

5.0in the last week

Love this area in Roppongi! Great mall with really anything you can think of available. Great selection of local and western restaurants, coffee shops and clothing stores.

5.03 weeks ago

The Christmas illuminations here are really quite spectacular, and would put many a city back home to shame. And yet this is only one area of Tokyo. One huge queue to get inside, but everything is well organised, and keeps moving. And once you get there, Wow! Amazing! A lot of work has gone into this. Can't help but think that many a football club back home would die for crowds like this.

5.06 months ago

Wonderfully designed, very upscale shopping experience that has something for everyone. Good casual food selection on B1 and a large number of really nice cafes and restaurants on the upper floors. The eclectic shops have a stunning selection of interesting Japanese and imported items. This wonderful building and complex is so much nicer than the usual (boring) shopping/eating experiences.
The grounds and gardens surrounding the buildings are worth a visit, and a picnic, on their own.
Overall, the nicest shopping mall experience in Tokyo and a worthy destination for a day in central Tokyo. Highly recommended.