Exhibition:ukiyo-e artist, Kyōsai Kawanabe

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Exhibition:ukiyo-e artist, Kyōsai Kawanabe3.4

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 from 2/6 '19 to 3/31 '19


This ukiyo-e exhibition features the work of the world renowned pupil of Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Kyōsai Kawanabe, who was active into the Meiji era.

Kyōsai was an artist whose work abounds with the humor typical of a disciple of Kuniyoshi, yet also possesses the characteristic proficiency of the Kanō school.

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5.03 weeks ago

Wonderfully designed, very upscale shopping experience that has something for everyone. Good casual food selection on B1 and a large number of really nice cafes and restaurants on the upper floors. The eclectic shops have a stunning selection of interesting Japanese and imported items. This wonderful building and complex is so much nicer than the usual (boring) shopping/eating experiences.
The grounds and gardens surrounding the buildings are worth a visit and a stroll on their own so plan some time for being outdoors.
Overall, the nicest shopping mall experience in Tokyo and a worthy destination for a day in central Tokyo.
Highly recommended.

5.0a week ago

Tokyo Midtown might be my favourite shopping mall that I don’t shop in! I typically visit for the delightful atmosphere and a coffee or maybe some lunch. There are some gorgeous shops if you have the budget for them, a decent selection of high quality restaurants, a supermarket, massage centers, offices, residences and the Tokyo Ritz Carlton. There is also a nice little park out the back, and the 21_21 Design Sight gallery. There must be so many lore things that I forgot to mention...so suggest you just get down there and discover them for yourself!

5.02 months ago

Oh my God this cherry blossom spot is the place to go at night. The illumination reflecting off the trees is so amazing. Definitely go there multiple times during the season. So many people are out enjoying the Sakura. The little bubbles with small tables is truly awesome

4.0a month ago

As high-end shopping complexes go, one of Tokyo’s best. Good place for made-in-Japan gifts. Bonus points for decent selection of restaurants and cafes, and excellent museums.

5.02 weeks ago

Love going here and been to it countless times when in Tokyo. Very nice shops and excellent restaurants fro Naoli Pizza to expensive ones. UNion Square Cafe (branch if NYC one) has wonderful if pricey burgers and salads. Great public space in rear. Best shopping “mall” aesthetically anywhere.