Sensoji Temple Shirasagi no Mai

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Sensoji Temple Shirasagi no Mai3.2

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 from 11/3 '18 to 11/3 '18


One of the Temple dance in Sensoji Temple "Shirasagi no Mai". It is a beautiful and elegant event, dancing in a stunning white snowy heron costume. It is held on the 2nd Sunday of April every year, informing spring to Sensoji Temple.
It was a dance dedicated to the centennial celebration from Edo to Tokyo, decorating the spring and autumn of Sensoji Temple.
Based on the legend of the gods and Buddha, it expresses the beautiful figure of the white snowy heron gliding down that drives away disasters.
Parades accompanied by "Musha (Bushi)" and "Gakunin (= music band)", " Shugoudouji (守護童子)" by local children is a very beautiful event.

Venue: Asakusa Sensoji Temple (2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito ward)
2018 April 8th Sunday
1st: [departure from Dempoin Temple at 11:00→ Nakamise → Sensoji Temple Main Hall] Podium at the west side of main square in front of the main hall from 11:30 am
2nd: [departure from Dempoin Temple at 14:00 → Orange Street → Kaminarimon Street → Kaminarimon → Nakamise → Sensoji Temple Main Hall] Podium at the west side of main square in front of the main hall from 2:40 pm

Purposeeasily accessible,shrine/temple,sightseeing,shopping
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5.0a month ago

Tourist trap for a thousand years. Good fun. The charms are now available in English and Chinese, too, for the massive influx of foreigners. Festivals are lively and quite crowded, food stands line the place. Very clean despite the crowds. Good people - talk to the staff and they are happy to explain.

5.02 months ago

One of best temple in Japan. I visited this place in 2007. Its always crowded but cool atmosphere. If you want pictures of a lot of tourists in your pictures of this magnificent structure and surrounding area. Better to visit early morning. This is one of tourist destination in Japan you must visit. Also you can shopping on these area and get souvenirs. Visit the incense for good fortune. 100 yen for a good luck charm. I will visit again to this temple with my child.
A must visit place for a visitor of Tokyo. The temple is very large and beautiful with lots of History. Very well maintained. Although very crowded during the most of the day, this place is still a very nice for a foreigner. Lots of Street shopping and eating options available around. Great place to visit in Tokyo. The Buddhist temple is magnificent. There are many souvenir shop. This is one of the best place to buy souvenirs of Japan. Very authentic traditional Japanese stuff available here. a good spot for a good photo.

The area is surrounded by souvenirs and sweet shop, very cheerful and fun atmosphere. Staff only accept cash and do not speak English so be mentally prepared :) a must-visit for first time Tokyo visitors.

5.02 months ago

Awesome Buddha temple, Entrance both side will be full of shops, foreigner can find good souvenirs here.

Once you are in, you can get traditional perfumed sticks smoke.

In temple, you can see a beautiful designs, put candles, drop some coin and get your wish card.

after that, you can see the around areas, take some photos with Buddha statue, colored fish on small bridge and tall building.

5.0a month ago

I think this is best spot to stay in Tokyo. Such a peaceful place even it’s crowded during the day.
We had so much fun everyday going early morning and late night. I could spend he whole day there watch ppl worshiping and enjoy food from small local stalls.

5.03 weeks ago

Beautiful temple. I would recommend getting here early (I arrived at 8am on a Friday) if you are looking to take lots of photos before it gets crowded. As I was leaving an hour later the place had be overrun with people but most of the shops were beginning to open which was perfect. Very easy to get to from the Tokyo Metro.