Eraser Stamp Exhibition

Sightseeing information about Eraser Stamp Exhibition in Japan.

Eraser Stamp Exhibition2.9

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 from 3/15 '19 to 3/27 '19


Cheap modern art: A showcase of woodblock prints made with eraser stamps.

Using regular office supplies like erasers as a tool for printmaking, a brand new pop art style is born.

Originally used to produce illustrations for newspaper columns, this enjoyable, readily accessible technique has become a prominent aspect of modern art.

Please enjoy these works of “stamp art”, each based on various motifs.

Purposeeasily accessible,surreal&cool,reasonable,art,sightseeing,shopping,minor
Airport/Sta.Tokyo sta. (about 5.1km) Google Transit


5.0in the last week

Always a crowd favorite, Tokyo Skytree inspires both awe and excitement. It is MASSIVE, as becomes apparent before even stepping into the tower. Very touristy, but also a tried and true local activity (bring a date at night!). View is one of the most intense in Japan, second only to the top of Fuji-sama. I'd say absolutely go and see for yourself. And if you're lucky, you may have a themed experience as well! (The Attack on Skytree experience last year was awesome)

5.0in the last week

Very cool way to see Tokyo. Make sure if you are a foreigner that you get the foreigner ticket, it’s a bit pricier but it gets you up much quicker.

I would recommend the combo pass, as the upper level was much less busy than the bottom, and felt a bit more relaxed!

5.0in the last week

Amazing view and a cool tower. I recommend going in the morning so that you don't run into issues with large crowds. I went during a sunny day and it was enjoyable at around 9:30am. The building opens at 8am, but you need to take the elevators in the main lobby to get up as the inner-mall is closed until 10am. Escalators do not work until then.

I also recommend booking via Expedia, a day in advance, so that you can take advantage of the "fast pass" that allows you to skip the line if you're a foreigner. It is also much cheaper.

5.04 weeks ago

The Skytree was a GREAT experience that anyone going to Tokyo NEEDS to do. The line is long, but it goes by relatively quick and is totally worth it. The view is breathtaking! I recommend going during sunset, just be sure to get there about an hour before the sunset.
Also, theres an adorable Kirby Cafe at the base of the tower which is a little expensive but super cute and well themed!

5.02 weeks ago

Get the Fast pass.

It is acceptable to wait in line for over 45 mins in Japan. So if you're tight for time. Look into getting Fast pass and book your tickets prior to the date of arrival.

The views are spectacular :) would you agree?

The photos are taken from my pixel 3 -night sight mode.

I hope this is helpful