Eraser Stamp Exhibition

Sightseeing information about Eraser Stamp Exhibition in Japan.

Eraser Stamp Exhibition2.9

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 from 3/15 '19 to 3/27 '19


Cheap modern art: A showcase of woodblock prints made with eraser stamps.

Using regular office supplies like erasers as a tool for printmaking, a brand new pop art style is born.

Originally used to produce illustrations for newspaper columns, this enjoyable, readily accessible technique has become a prominent aspect of modern art.

Please enjoy these works of “stamp art”, each based on various motifs.

Purposeeasily accessible,surreal&cool,reasonable,art,sightseeing,shopping,minor
Airport/Sta.Tokyo sta. (about 5.1km) Google Transit


5.02 weeks ago

This was the first tower i get to climb in Tokyo. Tokyo Skytree is the newest and tallest tower in Tokyo. It was such a beautiful tower to look at and also take a picture of. Me and my boyfriend went to the top deck and it was so magical. Everything was so much smaller and we also had to experience the world’s fastest elevator during our time in Tokyo Skytree. It was definitely worth the buck. I would definitely recommend this place. Also because we decided to have dinner beforehand we didn’t get to see the other parts of the tower which was sad but I thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience with my boyfriend. 😊 Also they have a beautiful gift shop, an aquarium, couple floors of restaurants and clothing stores.

5.0in the last week

Wow, what fantastic views of Tokyo. It was an absolutely clear and sunny day. With a clear and beautiful view of Mt.Fuji. Your experience will really depend on the weather. We definitely got our money's worth. Highly recommended.

4.02 weeks ago

Amazing views of Tokyo city and beyond, just mind boggling! Plenty of entertainment there and mostly little cafes and snack bars dispensing light meals and most drinks and ice cream treats. Not a lot of proper dining places. Don't come here hungry. I prefer to eat even at the train stations where there are plenty of dining choices!

5.0a week ago

Great experience if you are a foreigner, bring your passport so that you can “fast track” up to the Skytree. I recommend going around 3-5pm so that you can get great pictures. Once the sun starts to set you will have more beautiful pictures of Mt. Fuji.

5.03 weeks ago

Wow!! What a beautiful way to see a 360 view of Tokyo. We saw daytime and night time and night time View took the win for us! So pretty with all the city lights.
Make sure you take your phone or camera as you can get such great photos from up there on the top deck!
You have the choice to get professional photos up there however they do come with a price tag!