Eraser Stamp Exhibition

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Eraser Stamp Exhibition2.9

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 from 3/15 '19 to 3/27 '19


Cheap modern art: A showcase of woodblock prints made with eraser stamps.

Using regular office supplies like erasers as a tool for printmaking, a brand new pop art style is born.

Originally used to produce illustrations for newspaper columns, this enjoyable, readily accessible technique has become a prominent aspect of modern art.

Please enjoy these works of “stamp art”, each based on various motifs.

Purposeeasily accessible,surreal&cool,reasonable,art,sightseeing,shopping,minor
Airport/Sta.Tokyo sta. (about 5.1km) Google Transit


4.0in the last week

Stand below the sky tree and look at the clouds. If you're lucky you'll have an amazing experience. You'll feel that the sky tree is moving. And you should go around the evening time so that both the day and night views can be enjoyed. Note that at times the ticket queue can be very long and can take up to 3 hours to reach up.

5.0a week ago

What to do at Tokyo sky tree? There are tons of shops below in the sky tree town (which the subway station empties out into) but the best bang for you buck by far are the AMAZING massage chairs. "200 yen? Can't be that great" that's what I thought going into it. But BY FAR was one of the best massages I've ever had by human or robotic touch.

I plan on spending more time there soon.

5.0a week ago

For a greater than birds eye view of the Tokyo Megalopolis nothing beats Tokyo Skytree. I live in Los Angeles and it is a large metropolis, but nothing like Tokyo. Like everything in Japan the experience is orderly and well priced. The windows are clean so taking great photos is no problem.
Do not be cheap and pay the extra money and go to the 450 meter deck (1476 feet), you will not be disappointed.

5.03 weeks ago

Very nice tower! Staff is so friendly and the views are amazing. You can paid more if you want to go higher. The higher views is nice if you have a clear day but if it is cloudy pay only for the first level. There are places to eat and buy gifts.

4.0a month ago

Went up this place to catch the sunset and night view. Since I bought tickets online so coming up is no hassle. The staff are all friendly and professional. However do take note of the lift which can be very packed. The views from the 350m deck are so so only especially with the large crowds with you. The 450m deck is much better since it costs more to come up. The night views are great and amazing. The only minus point is the lighting within which may cast reflections to your shots. Overall it is an enjoyable experience.