Eraser Stamp Exhibition

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Eraser Stamp Exhibition2.9

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 from 3/15 '19 to 3/27 '19


Cheap modern art: A showcase of woodblock prints made with eraser stamps.

Using regular office supplies like erasers as a tool for printmaking, a brand new pop art style is born.

Originally used to produce illustrations for newspaper columns, this enjoyable, readily accessible technique has become a prominent aspect of modern art.

Please enjoy these works of “stamp art”, each based on various motifs.

Purposeeasily accessible,surreal&cool,reasonable,art,sightseeing,shopping,minor
Airport/Sta.Tokyo sta. (about 5.1km) Google Transit


4.0a week ago

Went up this place to catch the sunset and night view. Since I bought tickets online so coming up is no hassle. The staff are all friendly and professional. However do take note of the lift which can be very packed. The views from the 350m deck are so so only especially with the large crowds with you. The 450m deck is much better since it costs more to come up. The night views are great and amazing. The only minus point is the lighting within which may cast reflections to your shots. Overall it is an enjoyable experience.

2.0a week ago

frankly speaking, is waste of time. came on a weekend afternoon. queue for 1hour straight just to get the ticket. wait for another 20min to get the lift up and another 10min to come down. cost 3100 yen for 1 adult to go for both deck. frankly speaking can skip. didn't enjoy the whole waiting process. spend only 10min to complete. only plus side is the cafe at the deck so you can enjoy a meal and the view at the same time.

5.0a month ago

This was the first tower i get to climb in Tokyo. Tokyo Skytree is the newest and tallest tower in Tokyo. It was such a beautiful tower to look at and also take a picture of. Me and my boyfriend went to the top deck and it was so magical. Everything was so much smaller and we also had to experience the world’s fastest elevator during our time in Tokyo Skytree. It was definitely worth the buck. I would definitely recommend this place. Also because we decided to have dinner beforehand we didn’t get to see the other parts of the tower which was sad but I thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience with my boyfriend. 😊 Also they have a beautiful gift shop, an aquarium, couple floors of restaurants and clothing stores.

4.0a week ago

We arrived around 12.30 and the queues were very long so I don't think we timed it well. From then on we had to queue for the lift, queue to get up to the gallery, queue for everything. That said it is worth it when you get up there, the views are beautiful. You do have to pay a lot more to go up to the next level though which is a walkway snaking up to the next floor. It's quite cool but I'm not sure it's worth the extra money as the views are the same.
If you're going I'd say get there early in the morning and you may have a chance to see Mt. Fuji as well.

5.0a week ago

One of the best views! If you're from another country they even have a fast pay a little more but after you see the main line....its worth it. When you walk in that station will be to the left and the main line to the right. They have different tiers, so the higher you go the more you pay. We just went up the the first section and it was amazing.