Flower Festival in Sensoji Temple

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Flower Festival (Hana Matsuri) in Sensoji Temple3.1

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 from 4/8 '19 to 4/8 '19


The event celebrating the birth of the Buddha of Buddhism, became an event called "Flower Festival (Hana Matsuri)" interweaving the episode of when Buddha was born.
Buddhism originating in India has taken root in Japan, and remains as a festival that changed its form.
In Sensoji Temple it is heartwarming to see the children of the area pull the carriage by sacred animal of Buddhism "White Elephant".

At 10:00 Buddhist memorial service begins at the main hall. Hanamido (memorial service of flowers) is prepared at the end. Hanamido is provided in the main hall and the approach of the main hall, and the approach of the Gojunoto tower (5-Story Pagoda), anyone may visit.
At the Hanamido decorated with colorful flowers, the Tanjyobutsu (Buddhist statue) representing when the Buddha was born is placed.
Tanjyobutsu has an innocent child appearance, with the right hand pointing the sky and the left hand pointing to the ground. This has a meaning "Everyone living in this world is valuable and precious".
On the day, Amacha (hydrangea tea) is carried out for the visitors, cut flowers are distributed, and the precincts is very busy.

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5.0in the last week

This is one of the iconic place to visit in Tokyo, Japan. Very blissful and calm. Generally very crowded in weekends as many tourists as well as the locals are visiting the place. The shopping options are there as some affordable pricing available, also souvenir are not much expensive. The architecture is too good. visiting it in evening when the different lighting are applied it looks beautiful.

5.0a month ago

This is the must-visit temple in Tokyo. It's very unique and iconic. It's always crowded with people but the atmosphere is still good. There are many inexpensive souvenir shops and tasty food around the temple. Amulets of this temple are also great. You can buy them as souvenirs for who you love.

5.0a month ago

It’s worth mixing in the crowd for a visit here. A wonderful variety of shopping and restaurants intertwined with some spiritually significant locations.

Expect the typical tourist crowds who have no clue what cultural respect is. But once you move past those, you can be immersed into a wonderful part of Japanese history and culture.

Go early or during golden hour and you might be treated to a Japanese wedding party taking photos in traditional attire.

Easy to access via public transit.

5.0in the last week

A lovely elaborate temple, free to go and walk around, if you wish you can go and pray at the opening of the temple. Donating ¥100 to get your fortune was a good bit of fun while at the temple. A lot of shops surround the temple but these close at 9pm. I went at night and found this out the hard way but was worth it going at night. The lighting design is very nice and really brings out the temple! A must see in tokyo!

5.0a week ago

Loved this place. It's so much more than a temple. We had so much fun exploring all of the boutique stores around the area and the temple itself is also very beautiful. I can see why it's so popular and the popularity is well deserved.