Apr/30 - May/6 : Fuchū Kurayami Festival

Sightseeing information about Apr/30 - May/6 : Fuchū Kurayami Festival in Japan.

Apr/30 - May/6 : Fuchū Kurayami Festival4.1

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 from 4/30 '21 to 5/6 '21


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, most of events such as a Mikoshi parade and a Taiko drum performance are cancelled in 2021. Only the ritual where ordinary people can't see or participate will be held. Free markets are also closed.

This is a festival based at Ōkunitama Shrine, located in the heart of Fuchū, Tokyo.
Originally, such shrine events were often held late at night, thus previously, so too was the climax of the mikoshi ceremony conducted in the early hours.

Out of consideration for the safety of participants and visitors, the festival is now held during the evening, yet the sight of the brave figures taking part remains unchanged from the olden days.

The deities of Japan are divided into six categories, each according to their roles. Ōkunitama Shrine is the foremost of those known as the “Six Shrines of Musashi” in the Tama district of Western Tokyo.

A total of eight mikoshi (the sacred palanquins believed to serve as a transport for the deities) depart during the festival. Seven of these are hoisted about as they are carried forth, and make for a lively sight.

The taiko drums which are among the largest in Japan, as well as the festival floats procession are also magnificent. The mikoshi ceremony that takes place from the evening of the 5th of May is certainly the climax, but during the remainder of the festival there is plenty on offer for visitors: including ritual dances, festival related events, garden markets (free markets), and more.

Dates : Apr/30 - May/6
Venue : Ōkunitama Shrine
Address : 3-1 Miyamachi, Fuchu City Tokyo
Access : a 5-min walk from Fuchu Sta.

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5.09 months ago

Wow! What a place!
We were here for a big day, but you can come here for just a normal day.
A normal, yet extraordinary day! A day where you can sit in quiet amazement at the beauty of Japan. History stretching a long time in to the past is on display.
You can also visit the History and Treasure museums which are within the same shrine complex!

4.09 months ago

Located in the heart of Japan's old Musashi province.
One of the greatest shinto shrines with nearly two thousand years of history.

5.0a year ago

Very polite service. Reasonable price. Fresh seafood. Tasty.

5.0a year ago

This is a surprisingly large and beautiful shrine with a long history. It's also got that old school Japan feeling without tons of tourists (which can be hard to find closer to Tokyo).

Highlights: The yatai (street food stalls) by the entrance, the size and architecture (it's really expansive!), and the water shrine near the back.

Disappointments: Even with out tourists the crowds were still big so we skipped the line for omamori, and opted for omikuji instead. It's also right next to a huge horse race so outside of the shrine, you'll find more establishments catering to those customers than to families.

5.02 years ago

Large shrine complex that is neither too crowded or too remote. Easily accessible from a major train station. (Fuchū). If you have time, walk around the area as there are more secluded shrines 'behind' this main shrine.