Sake Tasting Walk in Nihonbashi

Sightseeing information about Sake Tasting Walk in Nihonbashi in Japan.

Sake Tasting Walk in Nihonbashi4.0

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 from 4/13 '19 to 4/13 '19


On 14th of April (Sat), plenty of restaurants/bars/shops/hotels etc in Nihonbashi area join
Sake Tasting Walk event and offer Japanese sake for tasting in collaboration with 40 plus sake breweries who make really good sake ! Foods/nibbles are sold at many of the tasting spots.
The picture here is the poster of the event from its website.
Tickets are necessary (and can be bought at Nihombashi Information Center, B1 Coredo Muromachi etc)
The map here shows this Information Center.
3000 yen/in advance, 3500 yen/on the day
(on-the-day tickets may not be sold if all are sold in advance)
14:00-18:00 14th April (Sat)
For details;

In this event, our partner hotel, Nihonbashi-Muromachi Bay Hotel (number 79 in the event map) offer sake for tasting from various breweries (for free)
(sake offered by restaurant/bars are basically from one brewery, and in several types/ranks)
Come and enjoy tasting in their traditional Japanese settings.
Also, you are quite welcome to put on our happi coat/geta (wooden clogs) and put up our bangasa umbrella and to get yourself shot. Our staff will be happy to assist you in shooting the picture.
PLEASE SHOW this page to our staff.


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