Apr/3 - 18, 2021  Sakura Festival at Arakurayama Sengen Park

Sightseeing information about Apr/3 - 18, 2021  Sakura Festival at Arakurayama Sengen Park in Japan.

Apr/3 - 18, 2021 (scheduled) Sakura Festival at Arakurayama Sengen Park3.7

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 from 4/3 '21 to 4/18 '21


Magnificent view from Arakurayama Sengen Park attracts lots of tourists from home and abroad particularly in spring when around 650 sakura trees bloom.
You must have seen a photo of sakura blossoms, Mt Fuji and 5 storied pagoda, all representative of Japan, in one taken from the Park.
This spring it is your turn to shoot the breathtaking view.
Sakura festival will be held at the park during 3-18/Apr with stage shows, local cuisine sale booths etc.

Access : take the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku Sta.(1.5h), then change to the Fuji-kyuko Line at Otsuki Sta.(40mins), and get off at Shimo-Yoshida Sta.

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3.0a month ago

This place was unknown, even most Japanese are not aware this place existed until recent years. Although this place is the best place to view Mount Fuji, always including the Pagoda in the picture, I guess very few people (tourists) realize that this is a Shrine dedicated to pay honor to those who died in the War.
Yes, this may be an amazing spot for tourist to see the grandeur and majestic beauty of Mt.Fuji, but let us remind ourselves that places like this in Japan should be treated with great respect, not just for sightseeing but for the reasons this places exist.

4.02 months ago

I love this place. Parking and admittance are free. Pretty sure it's wheelchair accessible. There were a lot of signs about bear sightings so I hurried away when it started getting dark. Can be crowded during a clear day when it's warm. But go during sunset in the colder months and it's just lovely.

5.02 months ago

One of the most iconic views of Mt. Fuji is located at the top of Arakurayama Sengen Park. If you think of a picture perfect postcard capturing the essence of Japan this is probably where it was taken.
The park is accessible by car and has 2 car parks close by (one about 1/3 the way up to the top, and one right down the bottom), both are free and have staff managing them.
There is two ways to ascend to the top, stairs or a winding slope, slope takes longer so I recommend the stairs but take care as there is a lot of them.
Once you reach the top you are greeted with amazing views of Mt. Fuji and the shrine’s pagoda.
When you continue to walk past the pagoda to take the iconic photo, there are bathrooms available to the right and all the pathways are marked. There is also platforms to take photos, but be aware the ground is dirt and no concrete available (your shoes will most likely get dusty, avoid wearing white). The first platform offers a view of Mt. Fuji, Pagoda and then “inside” the iconic tree (when you take a photo the tree will be on the top left) where as if you’re looking to take over the tree (when you take a photo the tree will be on the bottom left) you will need to go up to the next viewing platform.
Both have incredible views. I recommend early morning or late afternoon to avoid clouds covering Mt. Fuji. The photos I took are from around 3:30/4pm if that’s some indication.

5.02 months ago

Sadly, when we went, we couldn't see Mt. Fuji due to the fog, but that also meant that we had the place to ourselves! Even without Fuji in the background, it's a beautiful and serene place. You can hear nature all around and just sense the peacefulness.

Note: Visited prior to COVID, so things may be different.

5.0a week ago

Nothing short of amazing! It has the Japanese "holy trinity": a pagoda, cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji.