Ueno Park Toshogu Shrine Spring Peony Festival

Sightseeing information about Ueno Park Toshogu Shrine Spring Peony Festival in Japan.

Ueno Park Toshogu Shrine Spring Peony Festival3.0

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 from 4/11 '18 to 5/13 '18


"Spring Peony Festival (春ぼたん祭: Haru Botan Matsuri)" will be held at Ueno Toshogu Shrine, which has a history of over 300 years.
Peony flowers symbolizing Japan just like cherry blossoms, at Ueno Toshogu Shrine "Winter Peony" - "cherry blossoms", followed by "Spring Peony" blossoms are at their best.
There is a Hanami stand in the impressive garden, you can enjoy the sweets and tea while watching beautiful flowers and garden and spend a relaxing time.
Entrance fee: 700 yen

Purposeeasily accessible,elderly,women,shrine/temple,sightseeing
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5.0a week ago

Beautiful location, free to enter. Well tended and you'll even find a shop selling charms and the like.

4.0in the last week

Beautiful, but sad place to visit in Ueno Park, since it also displays information on A-bomb survivors. Go on a day when you have the time and inclination to contemplate more than usual.

5.03 weeks ago

Ornate shrine at the end of a stone lantern lined pathway

5.0a week ago

Beautiful small temple colored black and gold

5.05 months ago

It's amazing peony blossom exhibit is highly recommended. Also, strolling around there is also a great experience to regain your peace of mind in the hectic Tokyo. Admissions are required to enter the gated shrine. Discount tickets are available for juniors and seniors.