31/Mar. Premium Friday

Sightseeing information about 31/Mar. Premium Friday in Japan.

31/Mar. Premium Friday3.2

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31st March Friday is a Premium Friday.
If you are looking for a bar or a restaurant who offers happy hours or something special, this day is good as some shops and restaurants etc open early and make attractive offers.

The very first launch of Premium Friday was made on 24th February this year.
Analysis on whether it contributed to the Japanese economy varies - from “positive”, “rather limited” to “too early to tell”.

2nd Premium Friday is 31st March Friday, with positive and negative factors.
As sakura (cherry blossom) started to bloom in many places of Japan by now and is due to be in full in Tokyo area soon,
people will welcome opportunity to leave offices early for sakura viewing (hanami). Also farewell parties for office colleagues are often held at late March as a fiscal/business year of Japanese national/local governments and many companies finishes at end March.
This however means many have to work busily on that day.

What is Premium Friday ?
Japanese Government and Federation of Economic Organizations promote an idea of introduction of Premium Friday where workers finish early at 3 pm on last Friday of a month and request management`s support so that they enjoy work life balance better (and spend more to contribute to national economy) . The very first Premium Friday took place on 24th February. Some shops and restaurants opened early to cope with this program.
The number of organizations/companies who introduced this policy on the first Premium Friday was said to be limited.

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