Spring events in Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

Sightseeing information about Spring events in Sensoji Temple in Asakusa in Japan.

Spring events in Sensoji Temple in Asakusa3.7

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 from 3/27 '19 to 5/19 '19


In Asakusa area, a lot of events are scheduled throughout year.
Here are the Spring events,

April 8, Bussho-e (the birthday of Buddha)
April 14, Shirasagi-no-mai (dance of the white heron)
April 19: Komagatado-hall event
April 20: Yabusame (horseback archery)
May 5: Takara-no-mai (the treasure dance)
May 17-19: Sanja Festival

The Sanja Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Tokyo, and about 2 million people visit Asakusa every year.
If you plan to travel in Tokyo on Spring, stop by Asakusa area and experience the Japanese traditional events!

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5.0in the last week

Just so much to see of many things. What an incredible place. Such good energy! The staff was so nice and very helpful. Just an amazing temple. I would like to spend much more time here. Very glad to have visited. Area surrounding has so much to do!

5.0a week ago

This is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Tokyo. There is such a festive atmosphere here, with lots of people dressed in Kimonos celebrating. Beautiful temples and shops. Lots of food stalls line the outsides areas of the temple. There many souvenirs shops as well. Highly recommended.

5.0in the last week

Really impressive place. Lots of people loads of shops to buy little niknaks for your friends for cheap. The temple itself was very beautiful and grand. Very impressive to see. Really an iconic location in Japan. If you get the chance to see it but if you don't like large crowds might not be the place for you because this place is packed with people.

5.03 weeks ago

On our last day we took a quick trip here, this the oldest temple in the city!

Beware of crowds here, we arrived at 9am and it was already quite busy, I’m talking rubbing shoulders with people busy. I recommend coming at 7:30am or earlier if you plan on taking photos and want to peacefully enjoy it. The temple across the street from the train station, free to enter and open 24 hours!

5.0a month ago

This is one of the iconic place to visit in Tokyo, Japan. Very blissful and calm. Generally very crowded in weekends as many tourists as well as the locals are visiting the place. The shopping options are there as some affordable pricing available, also souvenir are not much expensive. The architecture is too good. visiting it in evening when the different lighting are applied it looks beautiful.