Spring events in Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

Sightseeing information about Spring events in Sensoji Temple in Asakusa in Japan.

Spring events in Sensoji Temple in Asakusa3.7

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 from 3/27 '19 to 5/19 '19


In Asakusa area, a lot of events are scheduled throughout year.
Here are the Spring events,

April 8, Bussho-e (the birthday of Buddha)
April 14, Shirasagi-no-mai (dance of the white heron)
April 19: Komagatado-hall event
April 20: Yabusame (horseback archery)
May 5: Takara-no-mai (the treasure dance)
May 17-19: Sanja Festival

The Sanja Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Tokyo, and about 2 million people visit Asakusa every year.
If you plan to travel in Tokyo on Spring, stop by Asakusa area and experience the Japanese traditional events!

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5.0in the last week

This is the must-visit temple in Tokyo. It's very unique and iconic. It's always crowded with people but the atmosphere is still good. There are many inexpensive souvenir shops and tasty food around the temple. Amulets of this temple are also great. You can buy them as souvenirs for who you love.

5.0a week ago

It’s worth mixing in the crowd for a visit here. A wonderful variety of shopping and restaurants intertwined with some spiritually significant locations.

Expect the typical tourist crowds who have no clue what cultural respect is. But once you move past those, you can be immersed into a wonderful part of Japanese history and culture.

Go early or during golden hour and you might be treated to a Japanese wedding party taking photos in traditional attire.

Easy to access via public transit.

5.03 weeks ago

It’s moving to see a site that is both an active worship center, historical monument and attraction all in one.

Visiting here you will are all three - and leave with an indelible memory of history and culture.

Give yourself ample time to walk the structures - and to take in the surrounding market. They won’t disappoint.

4.02 weeks ago

Wonderful experience being here, not just the temple and pagodas but the lovely park around it, especially the calming pond with the colourful huge fishes. We visited it a couple of times as our hotel was nearby. We saw it on various times even at night which was awesome to see when there were less people.

5.02 months ago

Tourist trap for a thousand years. Good fun. The charms are now available in English and Chinese, too, for the massive influx of foreigners. Festivals are lively and quite crowded, food stands line the place. Very clean despite the crowds. Good people - talk to the staff and they are happy to explain.