Apr/13 - 5/6, 2019 Spring at Rikugien Garden -Azaleas in a Feudal Lord's Garden-

Sightseeing information about Apr/13 - 5/6, 2019 Spring at Rikugien Garden -Azaleas in a Feudal Lord's Garden- in Japan.

Apr/13 - 5/6, 2019 Spring at Rikugien Garden -Azaleas in a Feudal Lord's Garden-2.6

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 from 4/13 '19 to 5/6 '19


After the cherry blossoms are over, now is the season of the azalea.
Rikugien Garden is widely recognized as one of the best gardens in Japan, and over 1,000 of 30 varieties purple, red, and white azaleas are in full bloom on middle-April to early-May.
This garden is a Japanese circuit-style garden(Feudal Lord's Garden) which is devised so that visitors can enjoy the passing scenery while strolling through the garden. Walking around Great Pond, you can view the changing scenery.
During 4/13 - 5/6, special guided tours and panels explaining azalea are available.
The Japanese style cafe is opened, you can relax and enjoy spring with the amazing view.

Admission: 300 yen
Access: a 7-min walk from Komagome Sta. on JR Yamanote line

*Please check the official website for the latest information.

Purposeeasily accessible,parade,Seasonal Flowers,shrine/temple,sightseeing
Airport/Sta.Komagome sta. (about 300m) Google Transit


5.0a week ago

Beautiful, tranquil gardens with plenty to explore and photograph. My wife and I had a wonderful time here and it turned out to be an unexpected highlight of our time in Tokyo. I would highly recommend this spot for some down time and a relaxing walk.

5.03 months ago

MUST SEE! This garden is amazing. Super beautiful and peaceful. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to just walk around and enjoy the scenery. Get some green tea at one of the tea shops in the garden.

5.03 months ago

Absolutely must take your time to visit. Incredibly beautiful. Allow for 1 hour or more to walk around, and maybe enjoy some green tea at the cafe overlooking the central pond.

4.02 months ago

Nice small, but beautiful park, with a great view from the hill. Several pads give different views on the park and its semi islands. Very relaxing, you feel like in a zen bubble.

4.0in the last week

This is a good place with awesome atmosphere.
Beautiful and quite garden. You can enjoy nice views all season.

5tips for visitors

If you visit there in summer ,don’t forget to take a mosquito repellent spray.
Actually there are a lot of mosquitoes everywhere during summer.

In spring you can see an amazing cherry blossom tree in full bloom near the entrance.
It’s so big tree and it is called “shidare Sakura”in Japan.
So many people visit there to take pictures. During special weeks it is illuminated after sunset.

In autumn you can see beautiful autumn leaves here and there .
The best time to see autumn leaves is from mid November to early December.
At a perfect period to see autumn leaves ,some trees are illuminated after sunset.

You can drink matcha at the small cafe “Fukiage-Chaya”in the middle of the garden.
And during illuminated trees period ,closing time extends pm9:00.
you can drink beer and taste some traditional snacks at the food stand.

Opening hours.
am 9:00-pm5:00. (But you have to enter at least by pm4:30.!!)

I hope you will have a great time there. Enjoy!!