Mar/25 - May/9, 2021 333 Koinobori and a giant Sanmanobori at Tokyo Tower

Sightseeing information about Mar/25 - May/9, 2021 333 Koinobori and a giant Sanmanobori at Tokyo Tower in Japan.

Mar/25 - May/9, 2021 333 Koinobori and a giant Sanmanobori at Tokyo Tower 3.4

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 from 3/25 '21 to 5/9 '21


At the 333 meter tall landmark of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower,
333 colorful koi-nobori (carp streamers) and a giant Sanma-nobori (saury streamer) are swimming in the sky. This traditional springtime event is on till 5/May.
Koinobori, meaning carp banner or carp streamer are carp shaped wind stocks flown to celebrate Tango-no-sekku, a traditional calendar event (now designated a national holiday, Children’s Day, 5th of May).
Landscapes across Japan are decorated with koinobori from April to early May, in honor of children for a good future and in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong.
The Japanese consider carp the most spirited fish -- so full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades.
In addition, Koinobori and Tokyo Tower are illuminated with 12 LED searchlights from 5 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Dates : March 25 - May 9, 2021
Venue : Tokyo Tower
Access :
-a 5-min walk from Akabanebashi Sta.
-a 7-min walk from Kamiyacho Sta.
-a 6-min walk from Onarimon Sta.
-a 15-min walk from Hamamatsucho Sta.

PurposeFestivals,easily accessible,kids,family,sightseeing,let's hang out!
Airport/Sta.Kamiyacho sta. (about 500m) Google Transit


4.08 months ago

Get a chance to see the city of Tokyo from one of the most famous observatory towers in the world, the Tokyo Tower. This tower is also known as the ‘Eiffel Tower of Japan.’ Standing on it, you can enjoy a spectacular and a breath-taking view of the city, making your trip to Tokyo an unforgettable one.

Additionally, this tour ticket also enables access to the One Piece Tower. The theme park here is truly amazing, and definitely a place for you if you are an anime love. You can enjoy the comic culture of Tokyo by visiting this park and make the most of your trip.

The tour is valid for one day only and is not a guided one.

4.07 months ago

Don't kid yourself: the Tokyo Tower IS a tourist trap. But I had to visit anyway to complete my "Two Towers" Bucket List Achievement (the other being, of course, its near-identical twin, the Eiffel Tower). Like all towers in major metropolises, you will pay more than you want to for the view, and will probably leave with at least one souvenir. Heck, I've done it twice myself. But the adventure of navigating Tokyo's spaghetti-like subway system, and the above ground approach to the tower (especially at twilight, when the tower burns a brilliant orange) will sear itself into your memory for a lifetime. I'll probably do it again on my fourth trip to Tokyo.

5.07 months ago

This is one of the symbols of Japan! I know it was built long time ago and Sky Tree is more popular recently but I love the perfect figure and the cool colour. I love to see the views from the observation floor in daytime and nighttime. I love this place and this place made me cry somehow. I personally love Tokyo Tower so much than Sky Tree! I will be back someday.

5.09 months ago

I love this Tower for view reason's.
One of them is the entire One Piece museum inside. The idea is extraordinary and very surprising.
Tokyo Tower has also beautiful view on the city and the entrance is much cheaper than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I like Tokyo Tower so much more. Defenedly a must see place here in Tokyo!

5.0a month ago

Love love love.. This place and the tower too..
hope I can come back to this place with my wife and daughter, because I really like this place, this whole area, this place has many beautiful and soothing views, makes my mind calm, and relax, lots of spots for take pictures and are suitable for uploading to social media, I really like this place, this area, and this country, a place that is fun, exciting, and suitable to be a vacation spot, I am happy and I hope to have a vacation back to this place with my whole family me. together again to visit this very beautiful place.