To 6/May. 333 koinobori and a giant sanmanobori at Tokyo Tower

Sightseeing information about To 6/May. 333 koinobori and a giant sanmanobori at Tokyo Tower in Japan.

To 6/May. 333 koinobori and a giant sanmanobori at Tokyo Tower 3.4

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 from 3/29 '19 to 5/6 '19


At the 333 meter tall landmark of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower,
333 koinobori (carp banner) and a giant Sanmanobori (saury banner) are swimming in the sky. This traditional springtime event is on till 5/May.

Koinobori, meaning carp banner or carp streamer are carp shaped wind stocks flown to celebrate Tango-no-sekku, a traditional calendar event (now designated a national holiday, Children’s Day, 5th of May).

Landscapes across Japan are decorated with koinobori from April to early May, in honor of children for a good future and in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong.

The Japanese consider carp the most spirited fish -- so full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades.

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5.02 weeks ago

Amazing piece of architecture, providing an excellent view of Tokyo city and its surrounding area. Best views in the evening when the city is all lit up. Could be a bit chilly at the top. The sky walk is a definite must for the strong-hearted. Like the great scene appearing in a movie, it gives such a stunning view here to the city. Within tower, everything is well organized. It is crowd but never feel bad. It is clean, vivid, and all in all, beautiful!

5.0in the last week

See unmatched 360-degree panoramic views of the bustling, colorful city of Tokyo through the Tokyo Tower Main Observatory. From this height, you'll see the sprawling urban landscape below, from famous buildings to its well-known shopping streets and stops. Parks and monasteries as well as shrines dot this beautiful cityscape, and you will be able to see as far as the Gulf of Tokyo, and even up to Mt. Fuji in the distance. You can enjoy the view as you shop among the many stores on this deck, and even catch a bite at one of the restaurants. You'll capture beautiful photographs of the city of Tokyo to bring home for your memories.

5.0in the last week

Went their with my daughter. Service are super. I remember one detail is when we in the room which explain the history of the tower. The portraits were talking to each other even with the tourist guide. It’s impressive!! We saw the Fuji mountain from the top floor. Lucky;)

4.0in the last week

A good tourist attraction. There are two levels to go to, one at 150m and the top one of 250m. You can get to level one any time, but to go to the top level you have to book a time. We opted for just the first level. The cost is very reasonable at 900 yen to go to level 1. The views are great , although we had wet misty weather which killed the long distance view a bit. On the way out there are always plenty of souvenir shops to walk through. All in all a worthwhile attraction.

5.03 weeks ago

Best photo spot ever!!!!!!! Really only good for tourists, and there isn’t a lot to do around it. But, the photo opportunities make it worth the trip. There is a special photo stop where lots of photographers go, but there is a massive line there. So I found another area to take my awesome pictures! Really cool place to go to.