To 5/May. 333 koinobori and a giant sanmanobori at Tokyo Tower

Sightseeing information about To 5/May. 333 koinobori and a giant sanmanobori at Tokyo Tower in Japan.

To 5/May. 333 koinobori and a giant sanmanobori at Tokyo Tower 3.4

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 from 4/7 '18 to 5/6 '17


At the 333 meter tall landmark of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower,
333 koinobori (carp banner) and a giant Sanmanobori (saury banner) are swimming in the sky. This traditional springtime event is on till 5/May.

Koinobori, meaning carp banner or carp streamer are carp shaped wind stocks flown to celebrate Tango-no-sekku, a traditional calendar event (now designated a national holiday, Children’s Day, 5th of May).

Landscapes across Japan are decorated with koinobori from April to early May, in honor of children for a good future and in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong.

The Japanese consider carp the most spirited fish -- so full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades.

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5.0a week ago

From check-n to check out, it was clear the staff was dedicated to being as accommodating as possible. The hotel was perfectly clean, and the cleaning staff for our room was great. The concierge was very helpful, and we could exchange our dollars for yen in the lobby. On American standards, I would not call it spacious, but we had an adequate amount of room. If spacious on an American standard is important, I would recommend the premium room with 33% more space. If I ever need a room in downtown Tokyo again, I would stay at the Park again, with the premium upgrade. It was an excellent hotel experience.

5.0in the last week

The iconic place for Tokyo and if you have the chance this would be go to place for how popular it is as a landmark for Japan. It has two decks to tour which is the lower and higher deck. I went up to the lower deck twice and it is already high enough to get a 360 degrees view of the entire Tokyo. If you are lucky you might see mount Fuji on a clear day but unfortunately for me it has always been cloudy and misty for both of my visits. The tickets are not too expensive with 900 yen for the lower observation deck entrance and you could purchase a package price to visit both decks. There is a nice cafe up on the observation deck so it is a nice romantic spot to sip coffee while watching the sun set. Also on the lower observation deck is a souvenir shop to purchase all Tokyo tower merchandise. All the way down at the base of the tower are also a few more souvenir shops to purchase food souvenirs and more little Tokyo tower souvenirs. Tokyo banana is also sold here. It would be nice to enter the tower deck around late noon and linger around until sunset and night time as the experience is different during the day and night.

5.02 weeks ago

😲 Amazing views, and we only went up halfway. The shops were a lot of fun and I found some great souvenirs for my family here. When my fiance and I went up halfway, we spent a lot of time enjoying the view over Tokyo. But then we went to the cafe one floor down and had the best sundae either of us have ever had 🍧💖. Overall a wonderful experience, can't wait to come back and go to the top!

5.0a month ago

I went to the top of this tower for around 3000 yen on a clear day. The tour of the tower is very enjoyable, with an audio guide available in basically any language. The guide is informative and interesting, telling the story of how Tokyo tower was built to become the symbol of Tokyo.

Also part of the tour is a photo taken by a professional. You are given a tiny copy of this for free, but you need to pay extra for the larger version.

You can spend as long as you want at the top of the tower. I arrived at 5:30pm and stayed until 8, to watch the sun go down, and mount Fuji turn red. There is no place to sit at the top of the tower, but if you can stand to stand up, it's possible.

In other reviews people complain that nearby skyscrapers block the view, but that is only the case on the middle deck. The view from the top is wide and uninterrupted.

Is it worth the money? Yes! But if it's too painful to pull that cash out of your wallet, be aware that there are some buildings that give you access to a beautiful view like this one for free. Minus the tour, though.

5.02 weeks ago

This place is one of the icon of Tokyo as well as a must-visit site! If you are in town, it is recommended for you to visit Tokyo tower not on the weekend. It will be lots of visitors in the weekend. You better visit on the weekdays. Go up with a 900 Yen ticket and you see almost the whole wonder of the city. In addition, you can enjoy the One Piece store, it is no fantastic!