Kyodo district Sagisou Garden Open

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Kyodo district Sagisou Garden Open3.8

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 from 7/1 '18 to 7/31 '18


Sagisou Garden is held at the Setagaya Hachimangu Shrine in Kyodo district (1 minute on foot from Setagaya Line Miyanosaka Station, right hand side through the Torii (shrine archway)).
Kyodo district Sagisou Garden is the second time this year.
Since last year, committee members of the Kyodo district Environment Committee Town Development Promotion Council have prepared and individually grown Sagisou.
In July the committee organized from the ground preparation to the creation of the fence, and wonderful Sagisou Garden field has been created.
Please take this opportunity to see the Setagaya-ku flower "Sagisou (Pecteilis radiata)".

Purposeeasily accessible,elderly,women,Seasonal Flowers,reasonable,family,shrine/temple
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4.0a week ago

Very impressive buildings. Went for New Years and felt very welcome however the festivities were small.

5.0in the last week

Beautiful temple! Very peaceful.

5.0a year ago

Good for New Year's visits.

5.03 years ago

Large shrine where you can let your car get rid of bad spirits. For a price, of course :)

4.02 weeks ago


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