Sightseeing information about SAGAMIKO ILLUMILLION in Japan.


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 from 11/2 '19 to 4/5 '20


This is an interactive illumination of Kanto with maximum 6 million lights, held every year at the Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest in Sagamihara City Midori Ward, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Taking advantage of rich terrain, a large site and existing attraction equipment, Illumillion develops 21 kinds of illumination spots.
In addition to enjoying the beautiful sight, you can jump into the world of light yourself.
On October 5th 2018, General incorporated association YAKEI Convention & Visitors Bureau authorized Sagamiko Illumillion as "Kanto Top Three Major Illuminations".
Couples, families, young and old alike, can enjoy the feast of light.

[Date] Nov. 2rd 2019 (Sat)-Apr. 5th 2020 (Sun)
[Opening Hours] 16:00-21:30 Last admission 21:00
※Pleasure Forest is open from 10:00 on weekdays and 9: 30 on Weekends and Public Holidays (possibly 9:00).
Visitors on the day of admission can view Illumillion
[Address] Kanagawa Prefecture, Sagamihara City, Midori Ward, Wakayanagi 1634
[Admission Fee] Weekdays at Night: Adults (junior high school students and older. Including senior) 1000 yen, Children (3 years and over) 700 yen, Pets (dogs) 700 yen

※There is a direct bus, access is good from the downtown area, convenient to use public transport such as train / direct bus on weekends due to congestion.
[Traffic] JR Sagamiko Lake Station → Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus 8 minutes, Bus Stop: Short walk off Pleasure Forest Mae

JR sagamiko station → Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus 8 minutes, bus stop: Mae sagamiko pleasure forest, walk away if the

For Car: 10 minutes via National Road No.20 from Chuo Sagamiko Lake East Exit IC
Parking lot: Available, toll parking 2,500 cars, standard size car 1,000 yen, motorcycle 500 yen

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Airport/Sta.Sagamiko sta. (about 2km) Google Transit


4.0a month ago

Interesting amusing name. Japanese people never fail to use English in the most surprisingly inventive way. A cool place with many nice facilities including theme park, onsen, and restaurant.

5.0in the last week

2 hs by train from Tokyo but for my wife and me was totally worth it. Basic entrance fee 1000 yen. Really beatiful.

5.02 months ago

About 2 hours from Tokyo and a bit complicated to get there but was a magical experience walking through the lights. There's also a ropeway that you can take to have a view on the "forest". Make sure to take into account your way back since you have to take the bus to get to the station (doesn't pass by very often and isn't very accessible by taxi).

4.05 months ago

This place is pretty far but the experience is really worth it. Go at night while the illumination is on. Managed to have a great date there and I look like a psychopath.

Yomiuri Land is also a pretty solid choice and much closer to central Tokyo.

4.02 months ago

Not too crowded, recommended to try excited ultra high games