Mar/21 - Apr/26, 2021 Mt.Yoshino "thousand cherry trees with one look"

Sightseeing information about Mar/21 - Apr/26, 2021 Mt.Yoshino "thousand cherry trees with one look" in Japan.

Mar/21 - Apr/26, 2021 (scheduled) Mt.Yoshino "thousand cherry trees with one look"4.8

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 from 3/27 '21 to 4/25 '21


Mount Yoshino is located in Nara Prefecture, one of the most popular sakura veiwing spots in Japan. In April about 30,000 of 200 varieties cherry trees are in full bloom and decorate the slopes of the mountain with pink and white. At Mount Yoshino, cherry trees flower at different times due to differences in altitude, and so the trees are divided into 4 groups: Shimo Senbon (the lower 1000 trees:4/1 is the best time), Naka Senbon (the middle 1000 trees:4/7), Kami Senbon (the upper 1000 trees:4/9),and Oku Senbon (the inner 1000 trees:4/14).
The Naka Senbon area is where the majority of Mt.Yoshino's accommodations such as shops and restaurants. There also is Yoshimizu Shrine from where the famous "Ichimoku Senbon(thousand cherry trees with one look)" view can be seen.
During cherry blossom season, cherry trees are lit up at night and it makes for some magical evenings.

Sakura Night Illumination : 18:00~22:00
Access: Take a Yoshino Ropeway or a bus from Yoshino Station(Kintetsu Railway)

April 10: Zaoudou Hanaku Senbontsuki/Female Disciplinant lighting ceremony

April 11-12: Zaoudou Flower Ceremony

*Please check the official website for the latest information.

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