Apr/23 - May/5, 2021 Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival

Sightseeing information about Apr/23 - May/5, 2021 Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan.

Apr/23 - May/5, 2021 Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival 4.1

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 from 4/23 '21 to 5/5 '21


※There is a possibility that the event will be rescheduled or cancelled as coronavirus fears grow. Please check the official website.

Hirosaki Park is located in Aomori Prefecture, 3.5 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo, and one of the best Sakura cherry blossom spots in Japan. Hirosaki Castle with 400 years history is set within the Hirosaki Park and famous for its over 2,600 cherry trees of 50 different varieties in spring.
Starting with the Sakura cherry blossom tunnel on the west moat, the cherry blossoms of Hirosaki Park enchant visitors with a variety of displays throughout the viewing season.

And there is a secret why the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki are so beautiful. The reason is in the pruning technique. Apples are a local specialty of Aomori prefecture, and when cherry trees are pruned, the apple's pruning technique is applied. That technique makes cherry blossoms have more buds than general ones.

At night, sakura cherry blossoms and the castle are illuminated, you shouldn't miss it!
Sakura Night Illumination: sunset - 23:00
Veneus:Apr.23~May.5 every year
Address: 1-1, Shimo-Shirogane town, Hirosaki ciry, Aomori
Access: Take the Tsugaru limited express from Shin-Aomori Sta.to Hirosaki Sta.(30mins). It's about a 30-min walk or 10-min taxi ride from Hirosaki Sta.to Hirosaki Park.

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4.05 months ago

It ’s beautiful, but it ’s raining, so it ’s a shame.

4.03 years ago

When the stone wall was restored in 2015, this moat was reclaimed and open to the public. It was a unique experience to walk in the moat. Ishigaki is so bulging that the middle of it is so big that it was a good exhibition that I could feel that it would be a big collapse without repair work. Now the repair work has been completed.
According to the information board at that time, it seems that there was only a part of Ishigaki on the castle tower side up to Genroku, and Genroku was added. It seems that the stone used at that time was brought from Mt. Iwaki.

3.02 years ago

Autumn leaves lit up. It's more beautiful if you don't color the lights. Because it's fancy, artificial colors of natural are felt.

5.03 years ago

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[Title] Hiromi Castle
[Shooting date and time] 2018-04-26
[Shooting Information] Shot in Hirosaki Castle, Aomori Prefecture.

5.03 years ago

Ishigaki is currently under construction.