late-March ~ early-Apr/2021 Cherry Blossom Viewing in Inokashira Park

Sightseeing information about late-March ~ early-Apr/2021 Cherry Blossom Viewing in Inokashira Park in Japan.

late-March ~ early-Apr/2021 Cherry Blossom Viewing in Inokashira Park3.4

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 from 3/20 '21 to 4/10 '21


※Tokyo Government has requested people to refrain from a drinking party to prevent infection of coronavirus in the park.

Inokashira Park is one of the most popular spots to see Sakura cherry blossoms in Tokyo. The park is located in Kichijoji area, 20 mins by train from Shinjuku Sta.
Inokashira Park has rich nature and relaxing atmosphere. There is a large pond in the park, and you can rent a boat and enjoy paddling on the pond surrounded by pink cherry blossoms. About 500 cherry trees are planted in the park and 300 trees are around the pond.
Many varieties of cherry trees such as Somei-Yoshino, or Yae-Zakura are planted in the park and can be enjoyed from early-March till late-April. Sakura's reflection on the surface of the pond is simply fantastic and breathtaking.
In addition, the cherry trees are illuminated at night, it creates a mysterious yet beautiful scenery.
During the season, the park is really crowded with people who enjoy Hanami(spread out the picnic sheet under the cherry trees and eat and drink),so it's bustling and lively all the day long.
Kichijoji area is also home to the Ghibli Museum close to the Inokashira Park, and many stylish cafes and shops are there. You would never get bored to spend your free time!

Address: 1-18-31, Gotenyama, Musashino City, Tokyo
Access: 5 mins by walk from Kichijoji Sta(JR or Inokashira Line)

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4.02 months ago

Beautiful park. Worthwhile a visit, has a pond and rowing boats, swan like boats for about ¥600 per 0.5h. Coffee shop and restaurant available in the park with a terrace seats open in good weather.

5.03 months ago

Quite a lovely place, close to station and hence one of the favourite hangout place for people in the local. You can enjoy walking, cycling or boating. Also at the entrance do not forget to try various flavored tea shop.

5.05 months ago

Great place to spend time with friends and family. The park looks more gorgeous during autumn( red leafs) and spring(cherry blossom) season. People can ride boat during any season, but boat rental time is until 4pm. Price is 700¥ per boat. Upto 3 people can seat on one boat. There are paddle boat though, I enjoyed rowing boat. In the park a number of people spend quality time with their pets too.

3.06 months ago

A nice park away from the markets of kichijoji but it's always crowded.

4.07 months ago

An oasis in the city with 100 Years history. From JR Kichojoji station Park Exit about 4 minutes walks through the outlets alley. One round the park about 2 Kilometers. Can enjoy the nature while walking by lake side. Ride swan boat and visit Inokashira Zoo.