Mar/27 - Apr/7,2019 Sakura Festival at Yasukuni Shrine

Sightseeing information about Mar/27 - Apr/7,2019 Sakura Festival at Yasukuni Shrine in Japan.

Mar/27 - Apr/7,2019 Sakura Festival at Yasukuni Shrine3.3

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Yasukuni Shrine is one of the most famous shrines in Tokyo established in 1869 by the will of the Emperor Meiji. Yasukuni Shrine was established to commemorate and honor the achievement of those who dedicated to their lives for the country.There are about 400 cherry blossom trees, but here is the most famous cherry blossom in Tokyo.

The sample tree of Tokyo’s sakura.During the festival, some dances and songs are performed at the stage. The shrine itself is very beautiful with cherry blossoms, but there will be lots of food strolls will be out during Sakura festival, to enjoy ohanami.

PurposeFestivals,night view,cherry blossom viewing,shrine/temple,major,second time in Japan
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5.02 weeks ago

A rigid, historical Shinto shrine located in Tokyo. Many visitors visit here every year. Japanese Prime Ministers, historically yet not necessarily all of them, have paid a visit here in the summer to commemorate the deceased during the war. It has a wide variety of buildings. The museum located inside the shrine was interesting. Recommended for Japanese and foreign tourists who want to learn about the history of Japan.

5.0a week ago

Very large shrine is probably the most iconic here. It is almost a little bit intimidating, but makes me wonder how long and much it took to build such a thing. It is a long way to get to the main entrance, about a few minutes of walk straight. The temple is just like any other ones in Japan, so it did not occur to me to have a special impression. Indeed, this is a great place to visit.

5.0a month ago

A must see in Tokyo. Come to the garden at the back of shine. The Japanese garden is what inspired Monet to create a series of masterpieces Water Lilies. This garden is probably the best you can see in the world. Feel the tranquil and fluid nature of the moment, and that is the essence of Japanese philosophy of beauty

5.0a month ago

Yasukuni Shrine is a very well maintained shrine for Japanese war dead. It’s serene and very peaceful, but it’s only 10 minutes walking from the nearby busy metro station.

3.03 weeks ago

Too much of historical stuff to really understand the significance. A statue of Radha Binod Pal and his contribution to Japan's peace post WW2 is here. Google the man's name for the significance.