Mar/15 - Apr/11, 2021 Cherry Blossoms in Yoyogi Park

Sightseeing information about Mar/15 - Apr/11, 2021 Cherry Blossoms in Yoyogi Park in Japan.

Mar/15 - Apr/11, 2021 Cherry Blossoms in Yoyogi Park3.6

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 from 3/15 '21 to 4/11 '21


Yoyogi park is one of Tokyo's largest city parks at 54 hectares, featuring wide lawns, ponds, and forests area including sakura cherry trees. It is a great place for jogging, birdwatching, and any other outdoor activities.
On April, Yoyogi park is really crowded by a tons of visitors who come to see cherry blossoms and Ohanami(eat and drink under cherry trees!). Approximately 600 cherry trees are in full bloom and form the pink sakura arch beautifully at Sakura area.
Also, there are a lot of food stands during sakura season, so you can enjoy walk-and-eat while viewing cherry trees.

Venue: Yoyogi Park
Access: a short walk from Harajuku Sta. or Yoyogi-park Sta.

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Purposeeasily accessible,family,if you are free,let's go,cherry blossom viewing,shrine/temple,let's hang out!,an eating tour,second time in Japan
Airport/Sta.Yoyogi-Koen sta. (about 600m) Google Transit


4.0a week ago

What a beautiful place to be to relax and unwind! This is what you see at Yoyogi Park during the summer - lush greens from the expansive grass and towering trees. I love the cool and calming vibe of the park. It's also great to see people of different ages doing their respective de-stressing activities - sitting, reading, exercising, jogging, singing, etc. Also, if you want to visit the place in the summer or autumn seasons, don't forget to bring your picnic mats and some snacks to nibble. Take care! 😊🇯🇵🙏

5.0a month ago

Best place for picnic with family. You can come any seasons. For today we came during spring and the Sakura tress has bloom. They have some shop near the entrance gates which is very convenience. You better buy first because inside there will be no more shop. On the shop sells the picnic mat, children toys like bubble, ball and so on. But beware with the wind. It blows often and the leaves will come to your way during picnic. There are also area for biking. Recommended for family and groups.

5.06 months ago

Mad trees

4.03 months ago

Beautiful location to watch the sun set. Lucky I got to see the moon ready and up there already.

Nice mixture of calmness and city here. Nice cafes and restaurants close by to rest and chat nearby afterward.

5.07 months ago

This place is one of the best green open space in the middle of Tokyo. All season garden, where you can picnic, jogging etc.