Mar/30 - Mar/31, 2019 Spring Love Harukaze Music Festival, and viewing cherry blossoms

Sightseeing information about Mar/30 - Mar/31, 2019 Spring Love Harukaze Music Festival, and viewing cherry blossoms in Japan.

Mar/30 - Mar/31, 2019 Spring Love Harukaze Music Festival, and viewing cherry blossoms3.6

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 from 3/30 '19 to 3/31 '19


Yoyogi park is one of Tokyo's largest city parks at 54 hectares, featuring wide lawns, ponds, and forests area including sakura cherry trees. It is a great place for jogging, birdwatching, and any other outdoor activities.
On April, Yoyogi park is really crowded by a tons of visitors who come to see cherry blossoms and Ohanami(eat and drink under cherry trees!). Approximately 600 cherry trees are in full bloom and form the pink sakura arch beautifully at Sakura area.
Also, there are a lot of food stands during sakura season, so you can enjoy walk-and-eat while viewing cherry trees.

On March 30 and 31, "Spring Love Harukaze Music Festival", the free music event is held in Yoyogi Park. There are 2 stages and a huge host of stalls selling arts, crafts, organic foods, and beer, etc. The atmosphere of the festival is like all very free-spirited and hippy-loving :) You shouldn't miss it!

Dates: March 30 (Sat) 11:00 - 20:00, March 31 (Sun) 10:00 - 20:00
Venue: Yoyogi Park
Access: a short walk from Harajuku Sta. or Yoyogi-park Sta.

Purposeeasily accessible,family,if you are free,let's go,cherry blossom viewing,shrine/temple,let's hang out!,an eating tour,second time in Japan
Airport/Sta.Yoyogi-Koen sta. (about 600m) Google Transit


5.0a month ago

Awesome park for a long stroll and perfect for a picnic with friends and family. We have been here several times on our visit to Tokyo to get away from the busy vibe of the city. Facilities and food on site and great for children to roam free within sight. The park and gardens are pristine and well taken care of it by the city. A must for anyone with some spare time.

5.0a week ago

beautiful park with no admission fee (FREE). if you come during autumn, you can enjoy the gradient color of the tree. I super love it. If you luck enough, you can get in to some festival. The festival mostly held during weekend.

5.02 weeks ago

Yoyogi Park is an amazing place to take a stroll and be in touch with nature in the middle of the city. Take a breath of fresh air and stretch those legs. You could see people walking their dogs, dancing, taking photos, having a picnic, biking, jogging and just having conversations. You would be able to see some of the leaves turn to red and experience a bit of autumn now.

5.02 weeks ago

This place was so beautiful. We went for an amazing walk here in the hours of dusk and again late in the night or early morning really, always felt safe too. We admired so much this place called Japan. It was so advance, like stepping into the future same time as you transported to the past. They have such a respect for tradition while at the same time they are embracing tomorrow. They integrate the parks and nature into their lives seamlessly as if confidently knowing and understanding the interconnected dependence that all living creatures share with one another. Thank Japan and thanks to my best friend and some new found folks we met along the journey. If there is one thing to want in your best friend, it is a love for travel. Thanks Papa!

5.0a week ago

Great cities have lots of green space, and Tokyo is one of the best. I love Yoyogi Park for its natural beauty and the wide variety of things to see and do there. It's wonderful!