Apr/3 - 11, 2021 Cherry Blossoms at Himeji Castle

Sightseeing information about Apr/3 - 11, 2021 Cherry Blossoms at Himeji Castle in Japan.

Apr/3 - 11, 2021 Cherry Blossoms at Himeji Castle4.0

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 from 4/3 '21 to 4/11 '21


About nishi-no-maru illuminations:
Please take the reservation ticket from 22th, March by next site.
With 1,000 somei yoshino, yae-zakura, and weeping cherry trees of Nishi-no-Maru Garden, it is also one of Japan’s best places to view cherry blossoms, whose radiant pink blossoms offer a breathtaking contrast to the castle’s white walls.
Visitors can enjoy beautiful Sakura at various spots inside the castle premises, such as Mikuni Pond, San-no-maru Square, along the moat, Kisaimon Square, and more.
Kokoen Garden is a Japanese garden next to Himeji Castle, which is made up of 9 separate walled gardens. Visitors can see the fantastic Sakura reflection on the pond while strolling around the garden.
During the Sakura season, Himeji Castle and Sakura trees are illuminated in the evening. You shouldn't miss the special illuminations creating a fantastic atmosphere one can't see during the daytime.

Night-cherry blossom- illuminations:Apr.3~11,2021 in Nishi-no-maru of Himeji Castle
Nishi-no-maru Admission:600 yen / adults, 200 yen / school-children(reservation at all)
Castle Night Illumination : sunset ~ 24:00

Castle Day-Admission : 1000 yen / adults, 300 yen / children
Access : a 20-min walk from Himeji Sta.

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Airport/Sta.Himeji sta. (about 1.5km) Google Transit


5.06 months ago

The interior of this castle has been preserved, so that it looks as it did when originally built and used (in contrast, the interior of the Osaka castle has essentially been turned into a modern museum). Walking up the very narrow, very steep wooden steps of Himeji castle, you really get the sense of vertigo when each staircase step is so steep! Definitely not for anyone with mobility issues. Otherwise, an excellent way to experience the past!

5.09 months ago

Beautiful white castle clearly dominates the Himeji city and the surrounding landscape. Inside you find a surprise – original timber construction – both intricate and mighty. There also is a model of the inner construction in the castle.

Otherwise the interior is more or less empty.

The top floor provides for stunning views.

5.011 months ago

The castle is under restoration..some of the area is restricted but you can still go up to the castle..there are proper signage for foreigners for them to read and also a lot of clean and accessible toilets. You cannot enter if you don't wear mask properly, so you must observe the rules and follow them...also there are lot of alcohol and hand sanitizer that you can used as much as you need. If you're going to visit during weekdays maybe you can encounter a lot of students whose having a field trip, so please be aware of your surroundings and wear 😷., for all of our safety!...have fun visiting☺

5.07 months ago

The perfect destination for tourist. Everybody can take beautiful photos of the iconic castle tower. This castle tower is the first thing that most of us, most people in the world, imagine when we think of Japan or Japanese castle.
My recommendation is a photo shoot from the zoo in the castle. You can take perfect photos with the red beautiful bridge. Cherry blossom season is the best for it.

5.011 months ago

Everyone visiting Japan must go there. It's not far from Osaka by train so it's worth the trip. It's so big it takes more than 2 hours or more to visit if you want to visit the whole place. Like many Japan attractions it's super cheap and worth the admission price for sure. It transports you in the past, it's well preserved. The photo ops are endless...