Apr/3 - 12, 2020 Cherry Blossoms at Himeji Castle

Sightseeing information about Apr/3 - 12, 2020 Cherry Blossoms at Himeji Castle in Japan.

Apr/3 - 12, 2020 Cherry Blossoms at Himeji Castle4.0

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 from 4/3 '20 to 4/12 '20


【Notice】Due to the COVID-19, buildings (the Main keep and the long corridor) are temporarily closed. However, admission within the paid area (outside the buildings only) is available.
<The temporarily closed term> Mar. 7th (Sat) ~ May. 10th (Sun)
<The admission fee> 500 yen (adult) , 150 yen (child) *50% off of the original price
*During this period, various discounts (passes or cards by public transportations) are not available.

With 1,000 somei yoshino, yae-zakura, and weeping cherry trees of Nishi-no-Maru Garden, it is also one of Japan’s best places to view cherry blossoms, whose radiant pink blossoms offer a breathtaking contrast to the castle’s white walls.
Visitors can enjoy beautiful Sakura at various spots inside the castle premises, such as Mikuni Pond, San-no-maru Square, along the moat, Kisaimon Square, and more.
Kokoen Garden is a Japanese garden next to Himeji Castle, which is made up of 9 separate walled gardens. Visitors can see the fantastic Sakura reflection on the pond while strolling around the garden.
During the Sakura season, Himeji Castle and Sakura trees are illuminated in the evening. You shouldn't miss the special illuminations creating a fantastic atmosphere one can't see during the daytime.

Access : a 20-min walk from Himeji Sta.
Night Illumination : sunset ~ 24:00
Castle Admission : 1,000 yen / adults, 300 yen / children

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Airport/Sta.Himeji sta. (about 1.5km) Google Transit


4.04 months ago

Before reaching the front giant gate, you will pass a wooden bridge that was built above the river.
After passing the gate, spacious land was right in front of you, the castle was quite far on the right side. It was a bit hilly prior entering the castle, you need to take off foot wear n wearing 'shoes' provided in order to protect the wooden floor. The castle shape was long, mostly made of thick wood, there were rooms on the right side. A bit dark inside as it is using natural light only.
On the left side of the castle, there were a nice garden, well maintained too.

5.03 weeks ago

Gorgeous castle. Allow time and buy the ticket to the garden, it's a nice place for only a few yen extra. Checking the castle takes easily about an hour.

5.03 weeks ago

This is probably the most interesting Japanese castles I've been to. The complex has a really interesting layout which is intended to make it difficult for enemies to get access the main castle. The grounds are beautiful and the carpentry of the interior is superb. It's also one of the very few ancient castles that is not a complete reconstruction of the original due to being burnt down in the second world war or before. So most of it is the original castle with the exception of replacing sections for maintenance purposes. It's also just a 10 min or so walk from himeji station so easy to access. Go early if you want to miss the crowds though.

4.03 months ago

The outer part of the castle is beautiful. The grounds looked gorgeous but it is winter and we didn't look around. It was a steep climb up to the castle, the ground is really steep. Then when you get inside, more steep stair ladders. You can read my opinion on these under the Matsumoto Castle, I think I added something there...phew is about three best way to put it. Not for the feint of heart! The view was tremendous.

5.04 months ago

The most beautiful castle I’ve visited in Japan. The surrounding area just makes it a perfect place to visit whether as a tourist or taking your date out for an evening stroll. I love the details of this castle and the immense size gives off a charming feeling. Although the inside of the castle was bare, I enjoyed the exterior of the castle more. I wished they would decorate the interior with how it would’ve looked like back in the old days but it’s literally empty.