Mar/22 - May/30,2021 Flower Festival in Showa Memorial Park

Sightseeing information about Mar/22 - May/30,2021 Flower Festival in Showa Memorial Park in Japan.

Mar/22 - May/30,2021 Flower Festival in Showa Memorial Park3.9

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 from 3/22 '21 to 5/30 '21


※Cherry-Blossom in Showa Memorial Park will be 15,March~11,Apr. Please do not drink or take food on the sheet under Sakura. For more details, please check the official website.

Showa Memorial Park (Showa Kinen Park) is a huge national park located in Tachikawa city, just an hour west of Tokyo, that has rich nature and offers many attractions and recreation.
The park is very popular especially in Spring for its poppies, tulips, rape blossoms, and of course sakura cherry trees!
There are approximately 30 variety of 1,500 Sakura cherry trees in the park, and you can relax and enjoy viewing Sakura in the Cherry Blossom Garden(Sakura no Sono).
During the Flower Festival, some fun events such as a stamp rally, the guide tour, or photo contest, etc. are scheduled.
Enjoy picnic with tons of spring flowers and peaceful atmosphere in Showa Memorial Park!

Hours : 9:30~17:00(weekday), 9:30~18:00(Sat,Sun)
Admission : 450yen / adults, 210yen/65 and older, Free/children
Access : Nishi-Tachikawa Station

*Sakura Night Illumination is unkown in 2021 .

Purposeeasily accessible,health,family,if you are free,let's go,cherry blossom viewing,autumn foliage,sightseeing,let's hang out!
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5.02 months ago

Beautiful park with large fields, innovative playgrounds, beautiful flower gardens, and even an optional water park.

Bring your own picnic or buy lunch in the park it's reasonably priced. You can even bring food to BBQ if your up for it.

I love going here with my family to the point were we bought season passes.

The staff is also very approachable and friendly considering my poor Japanese skills. It's well maintained, and I hope everyone here keeps up such great work so we can keep enjoying such a clean and safe place in the future!

5.0a year ago

We only saw a small portion of the park but really enjoyed it. The Japanese garden is amazing.
October 2020, again we visited and really enjoyed ourselves. We walked around the entire park seeing most of the attractions. Highly recommend.

5.0a month ago

This is a very huge park with a lot of flowers and trees. We went here to have the family photos of a friend.

The flowers were carefully planted in various details, growing and glowing in seasons that makes it attractive to domestic and international tourists.

We came here on spring and the flowers are blooming. We saw a lot of families doing picnics at the park. There are also a lot of buildings showcasing historic crafts made by the Japanese.

I enjoyed my stay in this park and there are good parking also. If you wanted to spend good times with families or friends, you can always go to this park, bring food and create happy memories to cherish.

5.0a month ago

A huge park where you can spend a day relaxing. Best way to get around is to hire a bike inside the grounds. Beautiful autumn colours and a great place to see cherry blossoms in spring (as well as tulips).

4.06 months ago

This park is huge and lovely when the flowers are in bloom. There is bicycle rental and a tram which might be helpful if you try to see the entire park in one day. The main downside is the parking lot is quite expensive.