Mar/23 - May/26/2019 Flower Festival in Showa Memorial Park

Sightseeing information about Mar/23 - May/26/2019 Flower Festival in Showa Memorial Park in Japan.

Mar/23 - May/26/2019 Flower Festival in Showa Memorial Park3.9

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 from 3/23 '19 to 5/26 '19


Showa Memorial Park (Showa Kinen Park) is a huge national park located in Tachikawa city, just an hour west of Tokyo, that has rich nature and offers many attractions and recreation.
The park is very popular especially in Spring for its poppies, tulips, rape blossoms, and of course sakura cherry trees!
There are approximately 30 variety of 1,500 Sakura cherry trees in the park, and you can relax and enjoy viewing Sakura in the Cherry Blossom Garden(Sakura no Sono).

During the Flower Festival, some fun events such as a stamp rally, the guide tour, or photo contest, etc. are scheduled.

Enjoy picnic with tons of spring flowers and peaceful atmosphere in Showa Memorial Park!

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5.03 weeks ago

It's a huge park. Don't waste your time near the entrance. If you have kids, please head to children's forest. There is boating and.nice flower garden before the children's forest. Park closes at 5 pm. Better to enter early enough.several small restaurants inside. Have fun.

5.0in the last week

I love this park. It is huge, 40 times the size of Tokyo dome! There is a whole lot you can do it this park too; you can rent bicycles, eat at cafes, have a picnic, there is a pool, paddle boats, bonsai collection, and more.

In the winter, there is are Christmas lights/illuminations.
In summer, there are fireworks, festivals, & other activities.
In the spring & throughout the warm weather season there cherry blossoms, cosmos, poppies, tulips, & other flower festivals to enjoy.

5.0a month ago

It's amazing place. Beautiful tulips everywhere. Good public facilities. I didn't want to move & go back to the hotel. Very.....very beautiful place. It's recommended place to visit for everyone.

4.0in the last week

This park is very large and has a lovely walkway around it. It's a perfect family place for camping overnight, even a day-long stay is also much enjoyable. They have arrangements for picnic and barbecue.
There is a train-like thing that encircles the whole park. Children can play in the ground. There are many seasonal flower plants. One can easily relax by simply seating on a bench on the park.

5.0a month ago

Definitely worth a visit to this hidden gem. I would consider this one if the best parks in Japan. I’d recommend planning a trip here during the weekdays as I understand that it can get quite packed during the weekends.

Bike rental services are available at 500 Japanese Yen per day. And 400 Yen for 3 hours. If you want to fully explore the park I would certainly recommend hiring the bikes. You can’t ride the bikes inside the park area, but there are bike tracks and parking within the park gates so it made it a lot easier to explore.

Don’t spend too much time in front of the garden as there’s a lot of people there, but get on your bike, head to the back, and work our way to the front. The whole park is a loop so you won’t get lost on your bikes! Entry fee was approx 500 yen per person as of April 2019