Ueno Sakura Festival at Ueno Park, Mar/21/2019 to Apr/7/2019

Sightseeing information about Ueno Sakura Festival at Ueno Park, Mar/21/2019 to Apr/7/2019 in Japan.

Ueno Sakura Festival at Ueno Park, Mar/21/2019 to Apr/7/2019(estimated) 4.3

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 from 3/21 '19 to 4/7 '19


Ueno Park is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo.
The vast park is rich in nature, and has around 1,200 cherry trees along the park’s main promenade.
Ueno Park is the most crowded cherry blossom viewing spot in town as many people come for Hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) with food and drinks at day and night. Japanese lantern illuminate cherry blossoms veryt visionary at night.
Sakura-dori street is popular for the Sakura-view-point in Ueno park, which is most crowded and lively. If you want to see Sakura leisurely, Shinobazu Pond would be better, and you can enjoy paddling a small boat.

"Shishimai" (Japanese lion dance) in Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple: Apr/01 12AM and 2PM(scheduled)
Flower Market around Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple : Mar/31- Apr/08 10AM - 5PM(scheduled)
Antique Market : Mar/21 - Apr/07 10AM - 8PM(scheduled)
Painting your Portrait(charity) : Mar/21 - Apr/07 11AM - 5PM(scheduled)
Stand Bar(charity) : Mar/24,25,31 Apr/01,07 1PM - 7 PM(scheduled)
Ueno Sakura Festival : Mar/30 - Apr/01 10AM - 7PM(scheduled)

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5.03 weeks ago

Ueno Park / Ueno Onshi Park is very beautiful park close to Ueno metro station. It is good place to have picnic with family and friends. It is also great place to enjoy Cherry Blossom. If you love bird watching, then don't miss lake side part of Ueno park. Ueno park also has museums, food stalls, Shrine and Zoo. A great place to spend time close to nature.

4.0in the last week

Awesome Park!

Everything is available to eat, seat and enjoy.

You can find the place and feel the nature. Zoo closes by time but park will be open, in evening you can enjoy nature with colorful lightings.

It's flooded with many people & in evening some people will try to entertain you outside the park with some dance, songs or folk songs.

5.02 weeks ago

Nice place to enjoy Sakura flowers. The park is very good and have space for spending time. You get good variety of food as well. Its good for a family outing as well. The park is very next to Ueno zoo.

5.0a month ago

Beautiful park to check out the cherry blossoms. this park if filled with museums, temples, and a zoo. If you come early in the morning you can catch a whole community doing a dance/exercise ritual together... It'll make you want to join in. There are usually random food vendors around too.

Pretty romantic and a good inexpensive location to spend the afternoon here.

5.02 months ago

A great park, full of attractions. If you come in spring you can admire one of the most famous place to watch the cherry blossoms bloom. In other periods it is great to take a walk, visit one of the museums here or go shopping in the shopping district across the street. My favorite place are two temples, one in the pond and other overlooking it from the hill with the amazing tree growing in circle in front of it