Apr/24, 2021  Hida Kamioka Festival

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Apr/24, 2021  Hida Kamioka Festival4.3

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※Due to the coronavirus concerns, almost of all events of Hida Kamioka Festival have been canceled. Only the ritual will be held.

The Kamioka Festival is an annual festival of the Otsu Shrine, the Hakusan Shrine, and the Asora Hachiman Shrine, and one of the three great festivals in Hida, Gifu prefecture. It is regarded that the god comes down to the town on this day, so
sacred sake and ritual dancing performance are dedicated to the god.
The must-see-event of this festival is a long parade. A hundreds of meters long parade consisting of 700 people is looking spectacular like a Heian era's picture scroll. They wear traditional cloths, which are originally used more than a thousand years ago. And people carrying portable shrines march throughout the town. The goal of parading is in front of the JA Hida-Kamioka branch office, and the traditional performances such as lion dance or ancient court music will be performed.

Date: April 24, 2021 (Sat)
Venue: Kamioka town
Address: 378 Higashi-machi, Kamioka-cho, Hida city, Gifu Pref.
Admission: Free
Access: 40 mins by bus from JR Hida-Furukawa Sta.,then get off the Nishisato bus stop

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