8/6~8/8 Sendai Tanabata Festival

Sightseeing information about 8/6~8/8 Sendai Tanabata Festival in Japan.

8/6~8/8 Sendai Tanabata Festival4.7

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 from 8/6 '18 to 8/8 '18


In early August, Sendai celebrates the country's most famous Tanabata, the start festival based on a Chinese legend. Two stars, Vega and Altair, representing a princess and a herdsman, are separated by the Milky Way but are able to meet once a year in summer, according to the legend.

In Sendai's festival, the main streets are decorated with bamboo poles festooned with multi-colored streamers. People write their wishes on a piece of paper and hang it on the bamboo pole. The festival is considered one of Three Great Festivals of the Tohoku region, along with Akita's Kanto Festival and Aomori's Nebuta Festival.

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