Apr/19, 2020 Shiroijuku Double Cherry Blossom Festival 

Sightseeing information about Apr/19, 2020 Shiroijuku Double Cherry Blossom Festival  in Japan.

Apr/19, 2020 Shiroijuku Double Cherry Blossom Festival (canceled)3.5

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Shiroi Juku is a historic post town located in Gunma Prefecture, about 2 hours away from Tokyo area. Shiroi Juku has seen many travelers since the Middle Ages and there are still traditional old storehouses in the town. On spring, about 100 double cherry trees are in full bloom along the street.The festival has a samurai warrior procession where participants dress in the garb of warriors, Rokusai market with local farm and specialty products for sale, and Yayoi-no-Kuhai where spring poems are read aloud. The historic townscape of the white-painted storehouses, samurai procession(Musha Gyoretsu), and beautiful double cherry blossoms create such an extraordinary scenes of Shiroi Juku.
Come experience this unique and exciting festival in Shiroijuku along with the beautiful double-flowered cherry blossoms that will be at their finest !

Date: April 21(Sun), 2019
Samurai Warrior Procession: 10:30 - 12:00
Rokusai Market: 9:00 - 15:00
Yayoi-no-Kukai(Haiku poetry reading): 9:00 - 15:00

Access: 40 mins by walk from Shibukawa station, or you may catch the bus.

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Airport/Sta.Shibukawa sta. (about 2.5km) Google Transit


5.02 years ago

Amazing old world Japan street.

4.05 months ago

Shiraijuku that always shows a calm appearance. I also have a favorite store and I want to go there again.

4.0a month ago

The cityscape of the Edo period has been restored and maintained as "Shirai-juku".
There are many objects that are conscious of Shiroi-juku in "Roadside Station Komochi" facing the national highway, but you can easily enjoy the feeling of the Edo period just by going down the back streets! ️
A waterway flows in the middle, and wells remain in some places. The flow of the waterway is very beautiful.
In addition, the remains of Kido, Jizo, and turrets have been maintained, and some of the old townscape has been preserved.
The shops are not lined up like the post town of Nakasendo, but it is recommended to walk slowly while feeling the seasons ❗️

5.06 months ago

It's perfect for taking a short walk, and the atmosphere is good.

5.07 months ago

There are hundreds of meters of double cherry blossoms along the waterway, which is very beautiful.