8/3~8/6 Akita Kanto Matsuri

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8/3~8/6 Akita Kanto Matsuri (Pole Lantern Festival)4.2

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 from 8/3 '19 to 8/6 '19


The city of Akita cerebrates the Kanto Matsuri (Pole Lantern Festival) in early August, praying for an abundant harvest of rice in the coming autumn. As the sun drops below horizon, around 200 men simultaneously hoist up huge bamboo poles weighing 60kg and hung with dozens of candle-lit lanterns, balancing them on their hands, heads, shoulders and hips, to the strain of bamboo flutes and drums.

The four-day festival, gathering 1.3 million people, is one of the three major summer festivals in the Tohoku region, along with Nebuta Festival (Aomori) and Tanabata Festival (Sendai).

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