2019/7/27~8/15 Sanbongi Sunflower Festival

Sightseeing information about 2019/7/27~8/15 Sanbongi Sunflower Festival in Japan.

2019/7/27~8/15 Sanbongi Sunflower Festival4.2

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 from 7/27 '19 to 8/15 '19


Osaki city located in the northern part of Miyagi Prefecture, the Sanbongi area has a sunflower hill known for its rape blossoms in spring and sunflowers blooming all over like a sun rising in the summer, familiar to locals. "Osaki City Sanbongi Himawari no Oka" Currently about 420,000 trees are planted in a vast area of 6 hectares, and in summer one side is orange colored. It is said that it is the second largest after the sunflower field in Hokkaido Kitaurui-cho, Japan, the sight is exceptional. Since the hill of the Sanbongi Sunflower Festival is a sloping ground, you can enjoy "sunflower field as far as you can see". It looks as pretty as a postcard.

"Sunflower Festival" is held every year in August. At the festival venue, oils and cookies using sunflower seeds are also sold, but among them the top recommendation is "Himawari Aisuchan". It is an Ice-cream that I have sunflower seeds kneaded in, it is only available to eat at this event venue and the nearby road stations. It has a very nice aroma and is pretty tasty.

The venue time is from 9 o'clock to 17 o'clock. The entrance fee is free, and the parking lot is 300 yen per car as operating expenses. Parking fee will be charged, but if you use the parking lot you will get sunflower seeds. Also, if you bring the parking ticket to the light snack corner of "Road Station Sanbongi Yamanami", you can earn a cup of coffee with a free service, which is advantageous.

Incidentally, there is also Rape Flower Festival, the period of holding will be held from 9 am to 5 pm, from April 20(Saturday) to May 6 th (Monday) in 2019.

Get off at JR Tohoku Shinkansen / Furukawa station and get on the Miyako bus bound for Sanbongi Otonashi (about 30 minutes). Sunflower field is waiting for you at about 10 minutes on foot after getting off at the stop.

After having enjoyed rape flowers and sunflowers on the hill of Sanbongi Sunflower, we recommend a day-trip hot spring facility "Himawari Onsen (hot spring) Hanaori-no-yu" located 5 minutes by car from the Sanbongi Sunflower Hill. This is famous for the"hot spring springing from the lignite layer" which is rare in the world. In this area, there is a history that once flourished as the most thrifty lignite lump in Japan.

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I've never been during the festival but it's cheaper to go before 9 and after 5 or 6. The sunflowers are beautiful!

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No sunflower

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