56th Yamagata Hanagasa Festival

Sightseeing information about 56th Yamagata Hanagasa Festival in Japan.

56th Yamagata Hanagasa Festival4.2

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 from 8/5 '19 to 8/7 '19


The Hanagasa Festival that colorizes the summer evenings of Yamagata is a festival where more than 10,000 dancers showcase splendid dancing in accordance with Hanagasa-Ondo (Hanagasa Dance Beat), and over 1 million tourists visit each year.
In addition to the three Tohoku festivals, the Yamagata Hanagasa Festival will be called "Japan Northeastern top 5 Great Festival" together with the Iwate Sansa Dance.
Every year, the Yamagata Hanagasa Festival is held in early August and the lively festival continues for three days. There are lots of sights such as elegant music and calls, beautiful costumes and many more.
One of the three major Japanese folk songs, the highlight of "Yamagata Hanagasa Matsuri" is the majestic calls and the bold sound of the Hanagasa drum. The dancer with beautiful costume and a Hanagasa in hand carries out the dance.
It is said dancing to Hanagasa-Ondo, is said to have about 10 different types of dances in the prefecture. Regarding the dance, it seems that it was originated from flowers made of paper dyed in red to decorate Kasa woven in sedge, shaking and turning the Kasa to cheer up people. The dance queue gives a brave and splendid impression.
The festival has a gorgeous colorful Zaoudaigongen float taking the lead, the brave cheers of "Yasho, Makasho!", and Hanagasa drums echoes in the mid-summer night. This float carries drums and hayashi, but there are times when celebrities and others are riding in addition to that.

The dynamic dances of over 10,000 dancers, full of liveliness with Kasa of 'Benibana (Carthamus tinctorius)' which is a flower of Yamagata blooms. Participation by jumping in at the end of the parade and rings danced at the city hall (around 18 o'clock - 30 minutes) can be accepted.

Three days from 2018 August 5th (Sun) to 7th (Tue)
From 18 o'clock to 21:30
Venue: Yamagata City Tookamachi~Honcho~Nanukamachi Street ~ Bunshokanmae (about 1.2 km straight course)
Public transport: JR Yamagata Station → 10 minutes on foot
By car: Yamagata road From Yamagata Zao IC via National Road No. 267 4 km 15 minutes

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