May/3/2019 Kosuzume Lion

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May/3/2019 Kosuzume Lion (Lion Dance for a good harvest)2.8

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Fuji Shrine is located in Hida city, Gifu Pref. The Kosuzume Lion is dedicated at the annual festival of the Fuji Shrine held on May 3 every year. While drum and flute melodies called “Obako” are played, the lions dance toward the four gods silently. This dance is heroic and brisk, with the lion dancers jumping on each other’s shoulders (like acrobats) and dancing fast like lions. Eventually, the Goban (a go game board), depicting a rice field, is carried in front of the lions. The interest of the lions is caprutred and they jump on the board dancing and praying for a good harvest. In 1585, during the Azuchi Momoyama period, Kotakari Castle, which was located at Yufune-toge, the eastern side of Inakoshi area, fell to the enemy. The retainers hid in this land and dedicated the dance at Fuji Shrine. The dance is characterized by graceful, intense movements. Today, it is inherited by the Kosuzume Lion Preservation Association and young people learn the advanced techniques that have been handed down.
Also, It is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property.

Access: 30 mins by bus from JR Kadokawa Station

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