Mito Hydrangea Festival in Howaen Garden

Sightseeing information about Mito Hydrangea Festival in Howaen Garden in Japan.

Mito Hydrangea Festival in Howaen Garden3.2

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 from 6/9 '19 to 6/30 '19


Speaking of Hydrangea in Ibaraki Prefecture, it is "Howaen Garden" in Mito City, a garden in the city of Mito adjacent to Daihizanhowain, it is the main venue of the hydrangea festival in Mito City and you can enjoy hydrangeas blooming in the Japanese garden with an area of 1.5 hectares. In there a lot of trails, swings for children, panoramic terrace and lawns. It may be good with children, or a daily walking course.
In "Mito Hydrangea Festival", various events will be held at the venue of "Mito's Romantic Zone" centered on the northwest part of Howaen Garden.
In Howaen Garden, 6,000 seedlings of about 100 species such as Western hydrangea and hydrangea, at Mito Hachimangu Shrine 5,000 seedlings of about 60 species of hydrangea mainly mountain hydrangea are brightly blooming colorfully, and during the period, Various events are held such as the tea ceremony, photography contest, Tanabata round trip, Mito Komon Manyu Ichiza photo shooting service, etc. are also taking place.

Date: 2018 Jun. 10th – Jul. 1st
Venue: Howaen Garden and surrounding historical sites
Admission free

♦ Train / Bus: From Mito Station North exit No.7 bus terminal, take the "Ibaraki Univ., Watari direction" bus via Sakaemachi, get off at "Howaen Garden entrance" bus stop
* Ride time: approximately 15 minutes
* Fare: 240 Yen
♦ Car: From Joban Expressway Mito IC via National Highway No. 50 to Mito city center district, 5 minutes to Ibaraki University direction from Daikumachi intersection
< Free parking lot >
-Ibaraki, Mito Shogai Gakushu Center site (weekends only)
-Joyo Bank Suehiro-Cho branch (weekends only)
- Ibaraki-ken Credit Cooperative Kami-mito branch (weekends only)
-Sushi Kappo Isshin (weekdays only)
< Parking >
Isshin Japanese restaurant (weekdays only) and 23 respect Katsura shore Temple parking lot (right beside Howaen Garden)
* Standard size car 400 Yen per hour

PurposeTraditional folk,Seasonal Flowers,family,shrine/temple,sightseeing
Airport/Sta. Mito Sta. (about 3km) Google Transit


5.0a year ago

Excellent temple and large garden. In the summer the hydrangeas are everywhere.

5.011 months ago

nice temple, nice park, perfect!

5.02 years ago

It's a wonderful place. During the rainy season it's quite busy with the hydrangea festival, but usually it is a quiet place. Well suited for a picnic, the nature is beautiful and it is a bit hidden so it is mainly popular among locals.

5.0a year ago

It is a beautiful park. When the ajisai are in full bloom in mid June, it is spectacular.

1.02 months ago