Aug/12-15 Awa Odori Dance Festival

Sightseeing information about Aug/12-15 Awa Odori Dance Festival in Japan.

Aug/12-15 Awa Odori Dance Festival 4.3

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 from 8/12 '19 to 8/15 '19


Awa Odori (Awa Dance) is one of the three major Bon Dances and originated in Tokushima Prefecture.
In case of Bon Dance, people dance in circle. On the other hand, people make a procession and parade while dancing for Awa Dance with Taiko-drum or Shamisen(three-stringed Japanese instrument) music.
Awa Dance dates back to Edo Period(1603-1868) and is known as traditional Japanese entertainment in the world.

In summer, Awa Dance is performed every place in Tokushima Prefecture, and especially people in Tokushima City are so much excited for Awa Dance Festival.
Awa Dance has a unique song, the phrase is "Odoru ahou ni miru ahou onaji ahou nara odorana son son". It means that "The dancers are fools. The watchers are fools. Both are fools alike so, Why not dance?"

Free Dancing Area : Ryogokuhoncho Area, Shinmachibashi Area, Motomachi Area
Paid Dancing Area: Shiyakusho-mae(in front of the City Hall), Aibahama Area, Konya-machi Area, Minami Uchimachi Area

Date: August 12 - 15
*August 11 is the eve of the festival
Access: around Tokushima Station

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